Ice Melt Science Experiment {Saturday Science}

By | November 9, 2013

Ice Melt Science Experiment

Preschool Water Science & Saturday Science Blog Hop

ice melt science experiment coverWe love water themed science experiments!

ice melt science experiment what paint looks like on ice This time we thought we would add some water colors to really illustrate what happens when salt erodes the ice and prevents it from refreezing! We even turned it into a cool painting activity as the ice melted and the colors ran together. The science of why ice prevents water from refreezing is a little difficult to explain to my preschooler but watching what happens and talking about what he sees is an excellent start to future experiments!
Quick and Easy Set Up:
ice melt science experiment set up Since it is still fall I thought I would use our pumpkin ice-cube tray and make pumpkin cubes! I don't think it mattered much to Liam but they were cute. He actually thought they looked like igloos which may have been more appropriate! I let him pop them out into a baking dish to contain the mess. I also prepared a dish of salt and water colors for testing and observing!
Testing The Ice Melt Science Experiment!
ice melt science experiment testing and observing salt on iceThe first part of the experiment was simply with the salt and ice pumpkin-gloos! Great idea to break out a magnifying glass. He could watch the salt work at the ice. We didn't really talk about ions mixing with water to change temperature to prevent refreezing, but you could! We did talk about how water can be both a solid and a liquid! Now to better illustrate what is happening between the salt and the ice, we used some water color paints (food coloring works too). You can really see where the color goes and how much the salt has changed the ice! ice melt science experiment testing paint on salt ice  

Extend the Ice Melt Science Experiment!

Liam decided he wanted to paint with the watercolors, ice and salt. I happily obliged and got him a large piece of paper. He took the partially melted hunks of ice out of the dish and painted with them on the paper. He put more salt on the paper and used the water colors to paint the salt. We watched the salt absorb the paint and make cool effects ice melt science experiment painting and adding saltThe ice of course continued to melt and he added more salt and more paint! ice melt science experiment painting with water colors and salt He painted for quite a while until there was no more white space and quite a few puddles!

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16 thoughts on “Ice Melt Science Experiment {Saturday Science}

  1. Emma

    Science and art combined! My daughter loves watching ice melt with the help of salt, but I think that’s just because she likes being able to shake the salt without restriction! :)

    1. littlebins Post author

      Glad salt was only .79! We used a lot and we made a little bit of mess but it was great!

    1. littlebins Post author

      Probably the one type of activity my son always asks for is science experiments! Hope you enjoy it too!

  2. Jill

    This is a cute variation on the ice melt experiment that looks like a lot of fun too! Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop.

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  5. iGameMom

    Love the experiment. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library. I am featuring this on iGameMom “18 fun Science activities for kids of all ages”.

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