Early Learning Winter Preschool Activities

By | February 3, 2014

Math Sensory Play

Winter Math Sensory Play Alphabet Letter Sensory Play Puzzle Play

Winter Preschool Activities

Welcome to we love winter week day 1! We haven't had much snow and haven't done many winter themed activities yet, so I decided it was time to try some with Liam! And still no snow! Well, we can enjoy some pretend snow indoors anyway. Day 1 is all about wintery math sensory play with trucks. Easy, quick and inexpensive to throw together with so many possibilities!

Winter Math Sensory Play Set Up

This wintery math sensory play bin has a fake snow filler I found for a few dollars at a craft store and some cotton balls! That's it. I found some different trucks with scoops on them and stuck them inside. He was good for awhile with this. I also had picked up some great dollar store items. I found foam letter and number puzzles and figured they would come in handy for something. I thought I would work on simple math sensory play with Liam one morning, so I tossed them in too. winter math sensory bin set up

Winter Math Sensory Play Activity #1: Match the number to the puzzle frame!

For this math sensory play activity, I simply popped out the numbers from the puzzle frames and tossed them all in to the wintery mix! Liam's job: To find them and put them back together. He had to dig, use his hands and his eyes to really look for each piece. Simple math sensory play fun! winter math sensory bin finding numbers  

Wintery Math Sensory Play Activity #2: Put the puzzle pieces together in numerical order!

The next simple math sensory play activity is really simple. We took the pieces we matched in the bin and spread them out on the floor. He connected the puzzle pieces and put them together in numerical order. The puzzle only goes up to 9 but he had fun and of course worked on his fine motor skills all through this! winter math sensory play connecting puzzle pieces

Wintery Math Sensory Play Activity #3: Counting snowballs math and fine motor skills!

We took our wintery math sensory play one step farther by adding a 1:1 counting element to it with cotton snowballs. I filled a tin pan with cotton balls and placed a pair of tongs near and mason jar near by. His invitation was to take a number and put the correct amount of snowballs into the mason jar. He used fine motor skills to work the tongs and math skills to count the snowballs! math sensory play cotton ball counting

The next day I added a simple lower case alphabet puzzle for more play and learning!

Winter Early Learning Alphabet Sensory Bin Puzzle

Winter preschool activities can be full of playful learning opportunities!


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    What a great idea! I just adore these sensory bins. We’ve got white cotton balls in pinchers out now too!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us on FB! I’ve added three of my favorite shares to the bottom of this week’s playful preschool post on Exploring Simple Science with TRAINS!!!

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