My Top 10 Sensory Bin Fillers

By | May 24, 2013
sensory bin fillers
There are lots of great fillers that can be used straight from your pantry like oatmeal, corn meal, cornstarch and more. These fillers I find are not necessarily easy to store as a sensory bin to pull out from storage but make great rainy day quick and easy ideas for something new and different! I also didn't include ooey , gooey sensory bins for the same reason. These are my favorite for easy storage and longevity. If you haven't already check out my top sensory bin goodies post here! Some of the bins have links to posts so you can read more about how he used them and what other activities we had that week!

rice filler quad

1. White, Brown or Dyed Rice- super simple ideas for play post here



2. Birdseed


frog pond sensory bins post here

(includes aquarium rock, water beads and outdoor water  pond)


3. Aquarium Rocks,


4. Water Beads photo journey post here


5. Colored Craft Sand


6. Moon Sand stampin bug bin post here

(there are recipes for this but I purchased it and it really stays very nicely, never dries out)

IMG_1578IMG_2829preschool science post here


7. Water (ok so this can't be stored but so easy to just fill and play!)


8. Mixed Beans- butterflies & beans post here


9. Alphabet Pasta-  creating an alphabet sensory bin post


10. Corn


11. Easter "Grass" buried bugs post here

(Not really a favorite but worth noting since there is so much around!)

Now for yours! Do you have a favorite filler you want to share? Always looking for great fillers to store in my closet for another day!

17 thoughts on “My Top 10 Sensory Bin Fillers

  1. One

    Such great sensory items I never thought of! We’ve done a lot of rice, but I’m thinking Oatmeal is on our list….

    Pinning it!

    1. littlebins Post author

      Thank you! Rice is certainly a staple but there are so many other things out there! If I need something sir of novel I will bring him in the kitchen and let him make some pretend dough with water and flour and oats or whatever I have! Messy and one time only but great fun and boredom buster!

  2. Tauna

    Wow there are a lot of good ideas here! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a sensory bin. I might do that bean and butterfly one. Thanks!

    1. littlebins Post author

      Thank you for stopping by! The butterfly one was beautiful. Did you follow it to the whole post? Beans are great and I am using them this week for our farm theme I will post tomorrow!

  3. Kristen B

    This is an awesome collection of sensory fillers. I really want to get some water beads. My son LOVES sensory bins.

    I would love it if you would come link up on our Artsy Play Wednesday kids’ craft linky.

    1. littlebins Post author

      Thank you! We love our sensory bins definitely! I will come by and link up.

  4. Kirstylee

    This is an awesome post. I am not very creative and I honestly have a really hard time thinking of sensory bin fillers. I am pinning this post so I can refer back to this and never run out of ideas!

    1. littlebins Post author

      Awesome thanks! We are always trying new things!

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    1. littlebins Post author

      Very cool! Just took a look. Hope to see you around. We hope to do a dino week soon!

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