Preschool Discovery Table: Exploring Magnets

By | September 5, 2013

magnet discovery table

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Over here we enjoy discovery tables. These are simple low tables set up with a theme to explore. Usually the materials laid out are meant for as much independent discovery and exploration as possible. I have been trying to give Liam the opportunty to make discoveries for himself without becoming frustrated or disinterested by activities that are too difficult. As his interests and skills increase so will the level of play chosen for the table. Each table is only available for as long as he is interested! I am mindful to not push the activities on him but simply have them available whenever he is interested!

What's on our new preschool discovery table?

magnet table quad

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1. Sensory Bin filled with colored rice, magnetic objects (2nd hand magnet kit), and a magnetic wand for finding all the treasures. I gave him a bucket to fill!

2. Plastic container filled with pieces of pipe cleaner and a magnetic wand to lift them up the sides of the container or to stir!

magnet table activities

3. What's magnetic and what's not tray to discover and explore items that are magnetic. Simple everyday objects! Great for discussion on why or why not something is magnetic. 

4. Tall vase of water with a paper clip in it and a magic wand to pull it out of the water. He thought this was so cool. Maybe his favorite!magnet table trio playHe enjoyed using the bar magnet to test the objects and was excited to show me what was magnetic or to tell me what didn't stick. I started noticing the bar magnet stuck around the house as well. He also used the wand to explore the bin quite a bit, seeing how much he could pick up with it at one time!

fishing game duo

A few days later I made this magnetic fishing game by simply cutting out fish and placing a paper clip on each one. He used a pretend fishing rod from a puzzle to go fishing (check this post for how we played the game). I also included magnetic discs for him to pick up.

This discovery table was pretty open ended for self-exploration. It didn't last as long as I had hoped or have as much impact as I hoped, but there is always next time! Some more great discovery table ideas dinosaur discovery tablediscovery table

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7 thoughts on “Preschool Discovery Table: Exploring Magnets

    1. littlebins Post author

      Thanks Jaime I did! I really lucked out with a huge 2nd hand magnet set! However, I think it will last us a long time even if I had bought it new.

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