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By | November 2, 2013
Water Absorption Science Experiment For Kids What Absorbs And What Does Not Absorb

Try a Water Absorption Science Experiment!

Find Out What absorbs water and What does not.

Often our water experiments include color mixing or sinking/floating items. A long time ago, we played around with putting cotton balls in water and watching them fill up with water, squashing the water out and observing what happened to the cotton ball both wet and dry. He really enjoyed that one. Since he is a little older, I decided to make it a little more challenging by having him guess which items he thought might absorb the water like the cotton balls and which might not. We also talked about how some materials repel water (do not absorb). I had him make some guesses before we started to see what he thought and get him thinking! He thought they all absorbed water! Time to experiment and observe!

Simple water science experiment set up.

water absorption simple science set up table On a low table, I put out the following materials in no particular order for our water science experiment: sponge, styrofoam tray, napkin, wax paper, sock, zip lock bag, paper towel, saran wrap, construction paper, aluminum foils and of course cotton balls! I also set out a bowl of colored water (better to observe with colored water) and an eye dropper for precise experimentation. Very simple set up. Use what you have in your cupboards, closet and recycling bin!

Simple water science experiment testing.

water absorption simple science observations First, I had him guess which materials might absorb the water and which might repel the water. I was looking forward to his reactions as he tested each material. We began the water science experiment by carefully filling the eye dropper and putting some water onto each material.

Simple water science experiment observations

Here is what we learned! As we tested each item with the water, I asked him what he thought. Did it absorb water? Did it not absorb the water? He definitely understood the difference and we had fun checking out what each one did! water absorption what absorbs simple science

Water Science Experiment: What Absorbs Water!

water absorption what does not absorb science

What does not absorb water!

To wrap up our water science experiment, he engaged in some free play. He experimented with different colors, adding more water to different materials, and using the sponge to pick up water! water absorption simple science sponge experimenting

Here is our completed preschool water science experiment! 

water absorption simple science experiment complete

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16 thoughts on “Water Science Experiment Hands On Learning Play

  1. Emma

    This is so awesome! I love that you can just use things you have around the house. I’m definitely going to be trying this one. Pinned!

    1. littlebins Post author

      Thanks Emma. I have to be budget friendly and since I never know how long he will be into something I have been leaning towards using what we have around! I could go crazy at the craft store and I shouldn’t!

  2. Heather

    Fantastic! I am a big believer in simple science for preschool, this is a perfect example. I’ve found that listening to children’s questions about how things work is the biggest idea supplier for simple experiment set ups!

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  5. Victoria

    I love science experiments and the kids love them so much! Definitely going to be doing this at home with my girls! Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Weekly Blog Hop and linking up! You are featured this week as one of my favorites from last weeks hop!

    1. littlebins Post author

      They definitely do! Thank you so much for featuring us! Hope your girls enjoy the experiment

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