Recycled Cards Christmas Fine Motor Skills

By | December 6, 2013

Christmas Fine Motor Skills Cutting Practice

Christmas Fine Motor Skills Scissor Skills Cutting Practice Quick and easy Christmas Fine Motor Skills set up with recycled cards! This is so SIMPLE. All you need is a handful of old holiday cards (or any cards!) and a pair of scissors. We love fun cutting skills trays with new materials. christmas fine motor skills card set up text Looking through stacks of cards, I thought they would be great for something. Home made puzzles! I precut the puzzles with different piece sizes and shapes and amounts. A more advanced child can cut his own puzzles. I made one for each part of the tray! He loves his tray and being able to pick which one he wants to do next. In the center, I placed some gift bag tags and a pair of scissors for him to make his own puzzles. (Great for multiple ages and skills!) I love finding ways to use what we have! This was our first Christmas fine motor skills tray and it was so fun and easy! 
christmas fine motor skills card puzzle completing
christmas fine motor skills card completing whole view
He practiced cutting them into four pieces each and putting them back together. This is a unique way to work on puzzle skills for Liam because he doesn't generally enjoy boxed  puzzles!
christmas fine motor skills card puzzle cutting practice
Liam does a great job cutting when I encourage him to slow down and and make complete cuts! 

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25 thoughts on “Recycled Cards Christmas Fine Motor Skills

  1. Kristina

    Using old cards is a great idea! I’m sure we have a stash somewhere! I just bought a new tray, too- love your ideas!

  2. Laura @ Lalymom

    Awesome activity and super round up! Soo many ideas that my daughter will LOVE! The card puzzles….so genius. I love that sewing tree too. Thanks for putting together such a fun list of activities!!

    1. littlebins Post author

      Thanks for putting the whole thing together Laura. We had fun with this!

  3. Emma

    I love how you reused the Christmas cards (and threw in some fine motor practice too!). I always hate just tossing them in the recycling bin! Good idea!

  4. Dyan

    So many great ideas shared, but I love how you reused the Christmas cards. I hate throwing them out too, by the way. I also love how you managed to turn it into a puzzle without it seeming too much like a puzzle for Liam.

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