Simple Back to School Alphabet Activities for Kids

By | September 3, 2013

 I love quick and simple activities made from stuff around the house. These alphabet activities for back to school time are the perfect budget friendly way to incorporate play into learning time. Practice letter recognition and alphabetic order with easy alphabet activities great for toddlers and preschoolers! Get started today and make literacy fun and playful for your kids.

Back To School Alphabet Activities for Kids

Alphabet Activities for Back To School Toddler and Preschool Letter Activities

I love to use items found around the house or items that can be quickly picked up at the dollar store or grocery store. Having fun with what you have is perfect for young kids. Our quick alphabet activities below show how simple it is to make learning fun. Alphabet activities can be games, sensory bins, gross motor play and so much more than just a simple worksheet. We use hands-on play for learning, and it really works!

Anytime Alphabet Activities for Kids

Click on links above each picture if applicable to read the complete set up for each activity. Those without a link describe the activity below the picture. Get started with simple alphabet activities, and I bet you can make up your own too.

I - Spy Alphabet Rice Sensory Bag and Sensory Search

Simple sensory play idea for letter learning and recognition!

alphabet I spy rice bag

 Foot Print Alphabet Game

Check out two fun ways to use dinosaur foot prints for early learning!

alphabet footprint game

 Cookie Sheet  Magnet Scramble

alphabet magnet jumble

Oh so easy, I hate to include it! If you need something to fill a little time or occupy a younger child. Cookie sheets from the dollar store and magnets are a great match. We simply un-jumbled them and put them in order! You could also add a matching component with flash cards or laminated letters. Or you can call out a letter and have your child find it!

Pool Noodle Alphabet Letters Lacing or Stacking

Inexpensive pool noodles for early learning play!

pool noodle alphabet


Fishing for letters

Fun fishing game for hands on alphabet play!

alphabet fishing


Alphabet Paper Chain Making

alphabet chain making

I like this idea for the beginning of the year and starting letter of the week. If you teach letters out of order you will need to take that into consideration if you plan to take off a link after you complete the letter. Though if you just want to make an alphabet activity out of it, making the chain in alphabetical order works! Bonus, we worked on some fine motor skills while taping the links together. If your child can write letters, have them write letters on the chain links!

Catch a Letter Water Sensory Play

catch a letter alphabet

This is an easy water bin that I fill with foam letters and a fish tank net from the pet store (great for sensory bins). Liam simply caught a letter, named it, thought of a word and worked on the sound the letter made. Also check out our alphabet wash we did in the Spring! (post here)

Alphabet Sensory letter Wash

Soap and water is always fun anytime or try at bath time!

letter washing

I hope you enjoyed our collection of very easy (almost too easy) DIY alphabet activities! There are so many ways to tweak our alphabet activities to meet the developmental needs of the individual child. Make it easier, make it harder, but just make these simple alphabet activities! Homemade activities are so much fun. They teach children that fun can be made and not bought! Although some items, of course, are purchased for these activities, they are easily reused for a variety of other activities!

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  1. Barbara Allisen

    These ideas are so much fun! The dinosaurs and water play would appeal to all kids, especially those who are ‘touch and feel’ learners.

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  3. Beth

    So many FUN alphabet activities!! Thanks for linking up and sharing your creativity at TGIF! I featured this today. I hope to see you linked up again later today,

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