Simple preschool fine motor activities, for strengthening little hands, are so important. Strengthening hand muscles, encouraging proper grips, building finger dexterity, and hand-eye coordination are important first steps towards writing! You can accomplish all of these pre-writing needs with our hands-on preschool fine motor activities


10 Best Preschool Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Make everyone smile with simple but creative preschool fine motor activities for fun skills practice. Repetition is one of the key elements to success, and finding unique ways to practice similar skills is very important. Check out the simple ways we practice our fine motor skills every day! 

Why do I use these preschool fine motor activities instead of just tracing lines and using worksheets? 

Young children including older toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarteners thrive on play and hands-on activities. Yes, the older a child gets the more worksheets to become necessary and the change over to more pencil time is expected. However, there are so many amazing activities to develop fine motor skills in the early years. Keeping it light and playful in the beginning can help prepare your child for a successful transition when the time is right.

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Preschool Fine Motor Activities and Pre-Writing Skills

Make our simple preschool fine motor activities your own with the materials you have on hand! Use our basic ideas but create your own themes based on your kids’ interests! The possibilities surrounding these simple preschool fine motor activities are endless.

We love to change activities up for the seasons or holidays too! We love to put together holiday-themed fine motor activities. Click on the links below to learn all about these simple activities you can create at home, school, or in a daycare setting. Please use supervision as necessary.

Fine Motor Skills and Science Ice Melt Treasure Hunt

Sensory Salt Maze Making Tray and Mark Making Activity

Portable Mini Search and Find Sensory Bins and take a look at 20 Fine Motor Sensory Bins

Nut, Bolts, Locks, and Keys for fine motor skills and practical life skills

Fun with Eye Droppers and Fine Motor Practice

Scissor Skills Box

Coin Play and Fine Motor Skills

Treasure Slime Sensory and Fine Motor Play

Mini Fine Motor Skills Activity Tray

Map Marking Activity {not shown}


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10 Preschool Fine Motor Activities Back to School Learning Activities for Fine Motor Skills


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