Have you ever made a sensory bin or played with a sensory bin? If not, you are in for a real treat! If you have, then you know how wonderful sensory bins and sensory play is for young kids {adults too}! Here are some of our favorite sensory bins that will have you playing, laughing, and learning in no time!

10 Favorite Sensory Bins for Kids

10 favorite sensory bins


A Simple, Wonderful Way To Connect With A Child

 Our Favorite Sensory Bins are an awesome mix of ideas and fillers that are easy to make!

Why make A Sensory Bin?

We love sensory bins! From an early age, I have used sensory bins with my son as a way for him to engage in play. Sensory bins present so many opportunities for emotional growth and early learning development. The possibilities are endless from a simple bin of rice or beans and scoops to a more elaborate themed bin for a holiday or a specific unit on dinosaurs. Sensory play ranges from general scooping and dumping to highly imaginative role playing. Sensory bins have proven to be awesome for developing language skills, fine motor skills, and social skills. There are many ways to include early learning concepts such as literacy, mathematics and science into your bins. I encourage you to read my ALL ABOUT SENSORY BINS: 5 Things You Need To Know!

Our 10 Favorite Sensory Bin Play Ideas

Click on th links below to check out these fun ideas!

1. Planet Earth Animals And Water Beads

2. Rainbow Sensory Bin

3. Colored Sand And Recycled Containers

4. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs and Rocks

5. Easy Corn Play

6. Lemon Scented Rice

7.  Space Moon Sand

8. Monster Truck Sensory Bin 

9. Shredded Paper Recycle Play

10. Frogs And More Frogs Play

Hope you enjoyed some of our favorite sensory bins!

Did you find a great idea to try out for your sensory play? Use our ideas as a great base to expand on your child’s interests. The wonderful thing about a sensory bin is the flexibility to customize it to fit your needs and your childs abilities and interests! Check out some of our resources below for even more ideas.

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