Quick And Simple Fine Motor Alphabet Activities

Every Day Materials Make Great Practice And Play!

10 Quick Fine Motor Alphabet Activities

Playful learning Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

There are so many fun and simple ways to work on letter recognition and fine motor skills. I love to use what we have around the house. Even better if I can put it together quickly. The dollar store is a huge source of items such as stickers, beads, clothespins, paper plates, spray bottles and tongs. I also make sure to save recyclable items like paper towel rolls and egg cartons, so I always have something on hand. Check out how simple some of these ideas really are and how fun they are for encouraging letter recognition!

10 Quick Fine Motor Alphabet Activities

Alphabet Beads & Stamps Play Dough Tray (Click photo for full post)

alphabet playdough activity tray


Alphabet Puzzle Sensory Play

Turn a simple puzzle into fine motor sensory play by hiding letters in a bin of rice or other great filler (check out these filler choices for more ideas)! Use a pair of tongs to find the letters.

rainbow rice letter puzzle


Paper Plate And Clothespin Letter Recognition

There are two easy ways to do this! You can either write the letters around a paper plate or use letter stickers. I wrote the letters on clothespins and let him go to work. Working clothespins are awesome fine motor practice and finger strengthening activities. A variation would be to use both upper and lower case letters and match one to the other! Makes a great busy bag for another day!

paper plate letter play


Paper Towel Tube And Stickers

This is a classic and so easy but great for fine motor skills! Finger dexterity is needed for removing stickers from a sticker sheet. Simple shaped stickers for beginners are better as they come off a bit more easily and are less likely to tear. I wrote the letters around a paper towel roll and then wrote the letters on the stickers. Again you could mix and match upper and lower case letters for advanced learning!

alphabet stickers




Egg Carton letter Push (check out full post for more ideas too)

Great use for those egg cartons. This was part of an Easter activity, but I saved it and we have used it again! I cut slits in the top of each egg section and wrote a letter on it as well by the slit.  Cut small squares of sturdy paper or cardboard and write a letter on each one. I had these left over from a craft project so they were pre-written in different fonts. Use the thumb and finger to push the letter through the slot!

Easter Alphabet Game Set Up



Alphabet Ice Melt & Sensory Play (click for full post)!

letter sounds activity ice melt sensory play with fine motor tools


Portable Mini Fine Motor Sensory Bins

Make a mini sensory bin to go! Add pony beads and a pair of tongs or tweezers to a small bin of rice or other filler choice! Click on photo for more mini options.

Portable Mini Alphabet Sensory Bin


Alphabet Corn Sensory Bin & Book Play With Fine Motor Skills

This is great fun book play! I love to add tongs for fine motor skills practice. Check out the full post here.

alphabet fun play corn bin book


Alphabet Search And Circle Sensory Bin

rice search alphabet

 Letter Writing Salt Tray

Practice writing letters with fingers in salt, flour, sand, or cornmeal. Practice letter recognition too while using fine motor skills! Check out the full post for more early learning activities to do during the winter!

Winter Early Learning Salt Letter Making Tray

All of these activities are super simple to set up with every day materials, but better yet, they also make learning fun through play! So many of these activities can be extended with creative play and pretend play after the initial activity has been completed. I also love how frugal and versatile these ideas are. Multiple age children can also easily work together but accomplish different skills. Toddlers not ready for letters can just practice opening and closing clothespins!

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