Our Thanksgiving activities are sure to be a hit anytime during the season.  They also make for fun play and learning leading up to Thanksgiving. No need to rush Fall! You can still enjoy the bounty of the harvest in everyday sensory play. We love sensory play and have many wonderful recipes for you to try all year long.

Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

10 Thanksgiving Activities For Sensory Play

Tactile sensory play is an amazing experience for toddlers to preschoolers. There are so many wonderful benefits of Tactile Sensory Play.  It opens the door to curiosity, exploration, and discovery!

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Try one or all of these Thanksgiving activities below to get you started today!


10 Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

Click on the links below to see how the Thanksgiving activities are set up and to see play ideas for each activity.

I love simple to set up ideas that keep my high energy son busy and engaged. I hope your kids will also enjoy some of our favorite Thanksgiving activities this holiday season!

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1. Simple Harvest Sensory Bin

Fall Harvest Sensory Bin Play With Wooden Beads Gourds

2. Harvest Slime With Fall Leaves

Fall Slime Recipe With Leaves Fall Sensory Play

3. No Cook Thanksgiving Harvest Dough

Thanksgiving Sensory Play No Cook Dough

4. Bear Says Thanks: Exploring Gratitude with Young Children

Bear Says Thanks Sensory Bin Exploring Gratitude

5. Harvest How Wheels Pumpkin Tunnel Play

Harvest Hot Wheels Easy Pumpkin Tunnel Car Track

6. Pumpkin Cloud Dough– 3 Ingredient Sensory Play!

Pumpkin Homemade Cloud Dough Sensory Play P is For Pumpkin

7. Bubbling Harvest Slime with Gourds

Fall Bubbling Slime Sensory Play

8. Exploring Fall Harvest Colors

Exploring Fall Colors Playful Preschool


9. Harvest Tractor Sensory Bin

harvest sensory bin for Is Sensory Play Expensive child led


Apple Sauce No Cook Play Dough

Apple Sauce No Cook Play Dough Made With Coconut Flour

Explore the Thanksgiving holiday with hands-on play and learning ideas!

Which Thanksgiving activities will you try first?

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