Kids activities to keep every kid busy! The best part about these easy 20 simple kids activities is that each one only needs two items for set up. That’s right two simple items you can easily find and you might even have already at home or school. We love quick and easy play that only takes a few minutes to set up but provides tons of fun. Beat boredom, a rainy day, or just try something new with your kids today!

20 Simple Kids Activities Only 2 Items Needed!

20 Kids Activities 2 Item Activities for Play

Looking for something a little different to try with the kids today? These 2 item kids activities are a perfect way to add some fun to your day. Either you already have these items or you can easily find them at your local stores. Keep extra on hand for quick set up and play anytime of the year. These easy activities will work for snowy, rainy, and stormy days too. Stay busy with simple kids activities.

Only 2 Items Needed for Simple Kids Activities

All of these kids activities generally use two specific items to get started. You will want to add some of your own toys as well like plastic animals, figures, and marbles. I tried to include water as one of the items to make these kids activities even easier. Sometimes adding a little food coloring makes these kids activities more exciting too! We even have a homemade KIDS SCIENCE KIT too

Get started right away with these super quick and very fun kids activities! 

Pool Noodle Marble Run. Pool noodles are so versatile!

Cardboard Tube Marble Run. Save all of those cardboard rolls.

Popsicle Stick Catapult. Shoot marshmallows or erasers around the room!

Ocean Wave Bottle. Try different colors too. If you are daring add an alka seltzer tablet for a lava lamp like idea!

Oobleck, Non-Newtonian Science Sensory Play. It’s a must try activity.

Taste Safe or Regular Cloud Dough. Quick and easy to make and you can build castles indoors!

Pool Noodles and Shaving Cream STEAM project. Fun and messy building idea.

LEGO Zip Line. One of our most popular ideas. Be an engineer.

Toy Zip Line. Simple outdoor or indoor fun.

Icy Car Rescue. This will keep the kids totally busy for quite a while.

Water Beads Science and Sensory Play. Sensory and science magic for kids!

Balloon Tennis. Simple game to get out the wiggles!

Pool Noodle Structures. Build unique structures, sculptures, or anything you like!

Sand Foam. 2 ingredients to make great messy sensory play!

Rice Sensory Bins Quick ideas using a bag of rice and simple items you already have in the house!

Tape Lines Gross Motor Games. Simple play with a roll of tape!

Homemade Cardboard Environmental Print Puzzles. Check out the recycling bin!

Cardboard Building Pieces. Another great use for cardboard boxes!

Rainbow Sugar Water.  Explore density and colors.

LEGO Minifigures Sensory Bin Search. Make it into a race game!

Soap Slime. You just have to see it, so cool!

Classic Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment. It’s like magic!

Soapy Wash Sensory Bins make great tactile sensory play ideas!

Tape and Paper Busy Box or Paper Punch Busy Box {also 20+ busy boxes with common items}

Straws and Play Dough. Build mini structures!

Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Play. Use a muffin tin or use cookie cutters. We have tons of ways to play. Although all you need is baking soda and vinegar, adding food coloring is always fun!


Kids Activities to Keep Every Kid Busy!

{Even adults too!} You will have cool kids activities ready anytime you need one

20 Simple Kids Activities Only 2 Items Needed



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