20 Repurposed Reused and Recycled Activities

Create & Recreate Play

20 Activities Recycle Recreate

Welcome to Part 2 of  10 Ways We Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle  Activities.

Did you miss Part I about 10 Ways We Create and Recreate Play Activities?

10 Ways To Make Play Repurpose Reuse Recycle

Make Earth Day Every Day. Be Mindful.

Make sure to read through it to see how easily we repurpose, reuse and recycle old activities into new activities to reduce waste, cost and our footprint on the environment! Please note that these activities are not solely recycled activities made from our recycling bin. That is not the purpose of this at all. Rather it is to show you how we take a few things, saved from year to year and activity to activity and make them new again! I have made 10+ fun bins out of a bag of rice. I add grated cheese canisters to colored sand and I bring sticks inside! We make games from detergent bottles, pieces of woods, and paper. We try out science experiments and make our own play dough that lasts all year! These are just some of the highlights below!

Sensory Bins and Sensory Play

I save all of our fillers and goodies in gallon zip lock bags so they stay fresh and clean. I love to reuse containers from the kitchen for playing in sensory bins. Here are a few samples but all our sensory bins use and reuse what we already have in the house! Less is more!

20 Activities Repurpose Sensory Bins

1. Rice Sensory Bins

2. Craft Sand Sensory Bin

3. Natural Material Sensory Bin

Sensory Bins Resource Page

Recycled Materials

Sure you can also look in the recycling bin, grab boxes from your warehouse store and use styrofoam before it goes in the trash bin. Science, math, sensory play, gross motor pretend play and more!

20 Activities Repurpose Recyclables

4. Cardboard Tube Sensory & Ball Run Making 

5. Cardboard Box Play

6. Styrofoam Experimenting Play 

Games and Puzzles

So many ways to make simple early learning games right around the house! We love plastic Easter eggs for games, old containers and more. We cut puzzles from postcards and old greeting cards!

20 Activities reuse games

7. DIY Fishing Alphabet & Number Game

8. Homemade Geo Board

9. Easter Egg Games

10. Gross Motor Ball Toss Game

11. Greeting Card Puzzles

12. Post Card Puzzles

Fun Hands On Activities

Make music, play with marbles, use kitchen utensils to paint, squeeze sponges or crack nuts! Just look around!

20 Activities Repurpose Reuse

13. Marble Fine Motor Play & Painting

14. Kitchen Utensil Painting

15. Simple Musical Instruments

16. Make A Rain Stick

Play Dough Play

A single batch of homemade play dough has lasted us many seasons already. We made Halloween monsters, Christmas cookie cutter play, zoo search and find, St Patricks day clovers, carrot planting and just everyday play with our awesome green play dough. Soft, natural, fresh and made together!

20 Activities Reuse play dough a

17. 15 Simple Play Dough Activities

Science Activities

One of our passions here is Science experiments and activities! I love simple science and Liam really enjoys learning about it. I really do keep it simple and fun and there are many ways to do this around the house. No materials required!

20 Activities Science Around the House

18. Solids, Liquids and Gasses

19. Junk Drawer Ice Melt

20. Keep Our Ocean Clean  & Recycling Activity

21. Bonus! Gravity Simplified

22. Salt Water Sink or Float

Science Activities Resource Page

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  1. Thank you for all these great ideas! I’m scheduled to teach my son’s preschool co-op in a couple of weeks, and the theme is RECYCLING! I was hoping I could find some fun crafts that would reuse materials. These are perfect!

  2. OMG! What a plethora of ideas for engaging crafts and using recyclable materials as well. I don’t know where to start but you have given me a ton of great ideas. Thanks so much!

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