3 Quick Fine Motor Activities For Kids

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3 Quick And Simple Fine Motor Activities

Easy Activities To Make In A Pinch

Sometimes you just need to fill some time with something quick and fun using what you have! Maybe you need a quiet time activity? Maybe you need a get dinner ready activity? Maybe you need a rainy day activity? I love to use what we have to create simple play ideas that also promote learning and development. These 3 quick fine motor activities do just that!

Supplies Needed:

  • Play Dough. We used a bunch of leftovers as you can tell by all the colors
  • Marbles
  • Ice Cube Tray (any kind will do)
  • Optional dish to put play dough in or just smooth it on the table
  • Stickers
  • Paper
  • Divided Tray (party store favorite find)
  • Pompoms in various colors
  • Tongs, tweezers or chopsticks (for younger children fingers work too!)

Quick Fine Motor Activity #1: Marble Play Dough Search

Bury a bunch of marbles inside a mound of play dough. You can also smooth play dough into a baking dish. Any small objects will do like coins, beads, doll pieces, legos and so much more. Give your child a spoon, tweezers and play dough tools to find the items! Hands and fingers will do just fine too! Play dough is awesome for working hand muscles and pulling objects out works on finger dexterity! Add in some math and count the marbles!

3 quick fine motor activities marbles and play dough

Quick Fine Motor Activity #2: Sticker Collage

I gathered a bunch of sticker sheets, leftover odds and ends work great. I then taped down a large piece of white paper to our table and drew x’s all over it. Liam prefers some structure otherwise you may not need to do this. Now, make a collage with the stickers and cover the x’s. Peeling stickers from sticker sheets is great fine motor work and really gets those little fingers working. Add in some hand eye coordination with covering each X too and you have a very quick but effective activity. He did this during dinner time prep one day (completely forgot to take finished picture but he was busy)!

3 quick fine motor activities sticker collages


Quick Fine Motor Activity #3: Pompom Color Sorting

Another simple to set up activity with pompoms! Dollar store quick pick and our favorite party store divider tray (also available at dollar store). I added a fun pair of chopsticks to try out. The dollar store also has several varieties of tongs available. Try out what is best for your child’s current ability and then you can move up to harder tools from there! For younger kids, fingers are great too, encourage the thumb and index finger grasp or pincer grasp to sort the pompoms!

3 quick fine motor activities pompom sorting colors

These are the quickest and simplest activities to set up anyway, anytime. I always store my supplies in zip lock bags and place them in clear storage bins. This way I am always prepared to put together a quick but super fun activity whenever I need one!

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