The 4th of July is a fun time to celebrate with a red, white, and blue theme. The 4th of July celebrates the birth of our country, our American Flag, and the wonderful season of summer. Watermelon and ice cream. Fireworks and the beach! Sensory play is great for any theme, and we have quite few patriotic themed sensory play ideas like this 4th of July sensory search and find for early learning. Enjoy fun tactile sensory play while working on counting and fine motor skills.

4th Of July Sensory Search and Find

4th of July Sensory Search And Find Fine Motor Activity for Summer

We love sensory bins here! We also need to work on fine motor skills since they aren’t a natural favorite. Whenever I can, I combine the two and make easy fine motor sensory bins. Check out our great resources for sensory play including our , 20 Fine Motor Sensory Bins Sensory Bins: 5 Things You Need To Know  and Our Favorite Sensory Bin Fillers. Whether it is tongs, tweezers or little fingers, sensory play and fine motor skills work well together!

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Make your 4th of July Sensory Search with our easy colored rice recipe found here.

Add 50 stars {less if you are still learning to count with smaller numbers} to your red, white, and blue rice bin or bowl, a clothespin for grabbing stars, mini flags, beads, confetti, and anything else that you have! Sensory bins are all about exploring. This 4th of July sensory search has some hidden early learning fun that kids find fun to do!

4th of July sensory search set up

Practice fine motor skills with our 4th of July sensory search rice bin!

The goal of this 4th of July sensory search was to find all 50 stars! Of course I chose 50 to represent the flag which we talked about as he completed his task. He used his pincer grasp to operate the clothespin and transfer each star to the container (parmesan cheese recycled)! Sensory searches are great fun for kids and creates an easy activity within the sensory bin.

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4th of July Sensory Search Work

Clothespins make simple tools for fine motor practice if you don’t have a pair of tongs or tweezers handy! We have quite a few fun fine motor tools for play and fine motor practice.

I think clothespin are fun to use and great for practical life skills too!


4th of July Sensory Search Transfer

Once he transferred all the stars, he dumped out the container and counted them, all the way to 50!

4th of July Sensory Search Find and count

Play and learn with a quick and easy 4th of July Sensory Search and Find!

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  1. This looks so fun! My toddler just discovered the magnet clips on the fridge today….I think we have a future fine motor activity to look forward to now, he would love finding the stars!

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