Turn learning letters into alphabet sensory play! Around here we enjoy hands-on play to learn our letters and this type of sensory play is wonderful for early learning. I hope you will enjoy some of the creative ways to play with the alphabet and practice letter recognition and sounds!


Alphabet sensory play activities and ideas for kids learning the alphabet and practicing letter sounds


Check out these simple letters activities below for helping children learn their letters. Follow the links provided in blue to read more about each sensory play idea.

Alphabet Letter Recognition with Cornmeal Sensory Play & Drawing

We smoothed cornmeal on a baking tray and my son enjoyed feeling the textures and making squiggles in the cornmeal. This is also great for early writing practice! I wrote the letters on a bag of craft store shells and had him work on identifying each one and placing them in order! You could also write the letters on rocks!

alphabet play seashells corn meal sensory


Foam letters, soapy suds and a funny sponge make learning letters with this sensory bin lots of fun!

alphabet play letter wash sensory play

Shaving Cream Hide & Seek Letters

Hide letters in foamy shaving cream and play hide and seek for a great letter recognition activity.

letter recognition shaving cream sensory play scooping poking mixing letters and shaving cream

Letter A Sensory Bin

Some children enjoy sensory bins that contain a single letter and all the items that start with that letter. It’s great for building vocabulary and eliminating thinking of the same word each time for a single letter. Of course making it into a sensory bin is even more fun! Make a bin for each of the 26 letters! alphabet fun play letter objects sensory bin

Build LEGO Letters

Use your favorite building blocks like LEGO or Unifix Cubes to build letters! Add construction trucks too.

alphabet fun play lego letters trucks

M is For Messy Sensory Play 

This is a very fun letter recognition activity with a sprinkle of counting play too. Take a look at the post for the full description on how to get started!

alphabet fun play shaving cream puffs

Alphabet Sensory Bin Hunt

A simple sensory bin filled with corn (or filler of your choice), tongs and a fun book!

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alphabet fun play corn bin book

Letters Search & Find

Add letter beads to rice for an awesome early learning sensory bin!

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rice search alphabet

Alphabet Puzzle Search

Simply add alphabet puzzle pieces to a large colored rice sensory bin and off you go searching.

rainbow rice letter puzzle

Icy Letter Sounds

Combine literacy and science for a neat alphabet sensory play idea that is easy to set up!

Letter sounds activity and preschool ice science experiment for kids

Simple and fun ways to learn letters today! Use what you have to make the ideas work for you and your child.  Letter recognition can be fun and exciting when you combine it with sensory play.


Click on the image below or on the link for more fun sensory play ideas.

Why you should make sensory bins


  1. I love that table of yours! My youngest is VERY interested in the alphabet these days…but we don’t really WORK with him on anything. He prefers just holding up letters and saying them or finding them in books. I too plan on using the Confessions of a hOmeschooler program as well as the 1+1+1=1 program for letters too.

  2. Thanks for the comments. The table is really awesome and great for all sorts of set ups. I got it for a steal on craigslist 🙂 How old is your youngest? Liam has special needs so I have to really think about what he can be successful at and still be challenging enough for him to progress. His attention is very limited. Good luck. I am going to post A in a day or two and I will have a little A bin. Just picked up alphabet pasta for my alphabet sensory bins.

  3. Thanks for the extra ideas. I had gotten a whole bunch of stuff ready to go late last night with the intent of early literacy focus over the next few months and then first thing this morning I saw your post!

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