Bugs Sensory Bin Black Bean Filler Buttons

Simple Black Beans, Buttons, and Bugs Sensory Bin!

We enjoy this wonderful learning app on our IPad!

We made a bugs sensory bin for hands-on play with a favorite iPad app! Have you ever tried Bugs and Buttons by Little Bit Studio? It’s a wonderful learning application that we enjoy working on together! Letters, mazes, counting and more to explore! If you click through the photo it will show you the version for android on Amazon but it is available for IPad too (which is what we have). I had an opportunity to use black beans the other week to put together a sensory bin.

Version 1 of our Black Beans and Bugs Sensory Bin: Simple Bug Exploring!

I put this together super fast when I thought I needed a black bean sensory bin for my 40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers! As it turned out Mama Miss came up with another version of an awesome black beans and bugs sensory bin too! We still enjoyed ours, so I thought I would share!

Black Beans and Bugs Set Up

For our quick and easy bugs sensory bin I grabbed a Bug box, magnifying glass, bugs TOOB and lots of black beans. Add some bug books too! Check out all of our books and sensory play ideas too!

bugs sensory bin and book activity

Using the bugs sensory bin, we explored the book, matched bugs and viewed them in different ways!

bugs sensory bin praying mantis play

Version 2: Bugs and Buttons Black Beans Sensory Bin

To mix it up a little, I added some buttons and insect erasers for counting, shapes and colors just like in our app on the iPad called bugs and buttons (above)! We talked together and sifted through the sensory bin. bugs sensory bin with mason jarsWhat’s a sensory bin without dump and fill of course and lots of easy independent play opportunities too!

bugs sensory bin filling and dumping

bugs sensory play bin independent play

Simple ways to extend play with this Buttons and Bugs Sensory Bin

  • have your child pick a bug and then look or read about it in a book

  • sort buttons by shape or color

  • count buttons once sorted

  • make a game with dice, roll, add, count and take turns

  • add tweezers or tongs for fine motor skills practice

  • talk, talk, talk about what you see and feel!

Sensory bins can be for simple play and early learning! Follow your child’s lead and see where it takes your sensory bin! A sensory bin is a great way to explore new interests!

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