We love to read and we love science! I have a junior scientist on my hands, and many of his favorites books are science books. We have read each and every book on this list below. Cozy up on the couch or take them outside this list of preschool science books is sure to please everyone. Pair with our favorite science experiments!


Fun Science Books for Kids Favorites Young Scientists


Wondering how to introduce your preschooler to science? There is much you can teach preschoolers in science. Keep the activities playful and simple as you mix in a little of the “science” along the way.

Kids are naturally curious creatures and once you have piqued their curiosity, you have also turned on their observation skills, critical thinking skills, and experimenting skills.

These science books are a great way to introduce younger kids to simple science concepts. Pair them with related science activities which offer room for play and exploration without adult-led directions.

Kids will naturally start to pick up on the simple science concepts presented just through having a fun conversation about it all with you!

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We have definitely enjoyed all these science books below! The best part of all of these preschool science books, besides the science, is that they are each part of a whole collection of other great books!

We love the Usborne See Inside books for how they illustrate what’s happening. The Magic School Bus makes science an adventure and there are so many to read! The Let’s Read and Find Out series has different levels of books from very simple explanations to more in depth explanations. Again so many to choose from!

See Inside How Things Work Conrad Mason

Have a kid who is curious about the world around them? This book has lead to so many discussions and fun activities. You will want to look at it again and again! Plus, it is a great book for emerging readers to look at independently. The illustrations and flaps offer so much to enjoy and talk about.

See Inside Inventions Alex Frith

Similar to above! Osborne has so many of these books including ones for math, science, our bodies, and more. This one introduces the stories behind major inventions, inviting readers to explore the origins of motors, aircraft, electricity, medical discoveries, explosives, and other developments.

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What’s Under The Bed | Mick Manning

This one is perfect for studying the layers of the Earth! My son loves to see what he will find in each level from ants to precious stones to magma. Plus it’s all under a little boy’s bed.


Layers of the Earth

What Is The World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquids, and Gasses | Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld 

This is one of the Let’s Read and Find Out science series books. Great illustrations and easy to understand.

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Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, and Yawn | Melvin Berger

Another of the Let’s Read and Find Out series that helps answer questions I didn’t have answers for! Especially since sneezing, shivering, hiccupping and yawning aren’t things we really control.

My 5 Senses | Aliki

Another Let’s Read and Find Out book that we paired with this simple 5 Senses Discovery Table. Perfect for preschool!

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Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature | Stan and Jan Berenstain

This huge book {over 200 pages} introduces many great science concepts! From seasons to science fairs with birds, trees, mammals, and more in between. I have read this one over and over again. It is by far the most well loved of our science books for preschoolers on this list! I have even read it all in one sitting.

What Lives in a Shell | Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

We go to the beach every year! It was fun to guess about who lived in what shell and also pair it with this book.

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Bartholomew and the Oobleck | Dr. Seuss

Have you ever made oobleck? Although the book doesn’t actually talk about the science of oobleck, it’s a great book to pair with making oobleck. Check out our easy Oobleck recipe and learn a little about Non-Newtonian Fluids.

Rainbow Oobleck

There’s No Place Like Space | Tish Rabe

Follow the Cat in the Hat on a journey through space with simple facts about our solar system. There are also many more of these books that cover different topics!

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Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body | Joanna Cole

We have seen the shows and we also love the books. Ms. Frizzle makes science an adventure. This is one of our particular favorites as the bus makes it’s way inside one of the students bodies to check it out!

How Do You Lift a Lion | Wells

This is also part of a series that talks about simple machines and how things can move or be moved.

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Move It!: Motion , Forces, and You |Adrienne Mason

We enjoyed looking through this at a friends house! It’s not in our collection yet, but we enjoyed it!


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