Big Bottle Color Mixing Water Sensory Play

 Water Sensory Play For Proprioception Sensory Input

proprioceptive sensory play with color mixing water play

Join Us For 6 Days Of Sensory Processing Play

I am so excited to be a part of this awesome blog hop for sensory processing play. All children need sensory input for growth and development. Some children, like my son need more than the usual amount. He needs more of a sensory diet each day to meet his needs. Each day of the blog hop will cover an area of sensory processing play and many wonderful activities to try! Find out all about each type of sensory processing play over at Sensory Activities For Kids and see where to hop to next for another great idea! Tuesday is olfactory sensory play! Get your muscles ready to fill, shake, carry and mix for water sensory play today!

Sensory Processing Play Blog Hop

Wednesday: Proprioceptive Sensory Play

Color Mixing Water Sensory Play

What Is Proprioceptive Sensory Processing?

proprioception sensory processing is largely associated with heavy work. It is input from muscles, joints and other tissues that help to create body awareness. Jumping, Pushing, Pulling, Catching, Rolling and Bouncing to name a few are all common ways to do this! Posture, motor planning, and the ability to judge how much pressure is needed for activities all revolves around proprioception sensory processing! As always, some children are avoiders and may have trouble with motor planning or postural stability and some are seekers. My son is a seeker and is always crashing around and banging his feet and lately has taken to squeezing us hard! By providing him with activities all day long that satisfy his needs, he has a better chance of sitting calmly! Many everyday chores around the house help with this so you don’t need a planned activity!

  • transferring and carrying laundry
  • carrying containers or cans that are filled
  • going up and down stairs
  • helping to clean tables and floors
  • pushing a weighted laundry basket around

 Check out these resources for more in-depth explanations!

Materials needed

  • Big Containers from juice, milk, tea etc..
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • A large bin for dumping and filling and funnels if you have them!

How To Set Up Color Mixing Water Sensory Play

Liam loves to use the kitchen faucet and fill his own containers. I had him fill the plastic containers with water and walk them over to our play area. Heavy lifting and carrying is an excellent task for proprioception sensory input! We then added food coloring to each. The first round was yellow and blue! He practiced putting the caps on and tightening them. Then he shook them vigorously, tipped them  upside down and stomped around with them a bit. All these movements carrying the full containers of water are awesome for proprioception sensory input!

proprioceptive sensory play color mixing set up

Fun Ways To Play With Big Bottles, Color Mixing, & Water Sensory Play

 Water sensory play is easily one of our most favorite and easiest ways to pass time! Once the colors were well shaken, he dumped each one into the empty bin, more proprioception sensory input from lifting and dumping the heavy containers. The color mixing component added a little science lesson to our sensory play too! He them used various containers and pitchers to transfer the water to another large container before helping me pick up the smaller bin and dumping it into the bigger bin. Lots of proprioception here. Moving weighted materials back and forth is definitely proprioceptive sensory play! Now of course this is also very much tactile sensory play too!

Color mixing with yellow and blue as well as red and yellow!proprioceptive sensory play color mixing playFill, Shake and Dump over and over again!  proprioceptive sensory play color mixing big container play

 Lifting, Carrying, and Pouring are excellent proprioception rich activities!

proprioceptive sensory play water filling and dumping

Water Sensory Play with big containers, lots of waters and color mixing is excellent for a hot summer day or a rainy day like the one we had here! Finding fun ways like water sensory play to encourage proprioception sensory input for all kids is important for healthy growth. Simply providing the tools and observing your kid’s preferences will help you to understand his needs. Make sure to take a look at all the amazing bloggers participating for great ideas to incorporate into your day!

Day 1: Texture Balloons, Day 2: Tennis Ball Games, Day 3: Lemon Scented Rice

texture balloonsTennis Ball Vestibular Sensory PlayLemon Scented Rice Olfactory Sensory Play Activity

More Ways To Enjoy  Proprioceptive Sensory Play & Water Sensory Play

proprioceptive sensory seeking line play activity10 Water Play Sensory Bins Cover Photo

Make sure to stick around for all 6 days of the sensory processing play blog hop and visit the homepage over at Sensory Activities For Kids to see all the activity ideas!


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