Apples And Pumpkins Small World Play

Simple Book & Sensory Play Activity

Apples And Pumpkins Fall Small World Sensory Bin Play

What a great little book to illustrate a simple fall fun activity like pumpkin picking.

When Liam got off his little yellow bus on Monday, he proclaimed that it was October and time to pick pumpkins. What a great idea! This weekend we will go and pick some pumpkins and take a hay ride. Maybe even try a corn maze, but first I wanted to share this story by Anne Rockwell with him about a little girl who goes and picks pumpkins and apples with her family! Liam and I had a fun time with this bin!

books & bins pumpkins close up quadSupplies Needed:

Here’s what I used to create this sensory play small world for the book Pumpkins and Apples by Anne Rockwell. Substitute what you have and keep it simple! The list looks long but the items are simple!

  • our trusty water table
  • dried green peas
  • craft straw
  • pine cones just because
  • acrylic apples and pumpkins from craft store
  • playmobil figures, tractor, wagon, and tree
  • mini ladder from some truck!
  • TOOBs farm animals
  • leaves from dollar store
  • blocks for benches or hay bails
  • pipe cleaners for pumpkin vines
  • small bucket or basket for picking

I arranged everything before he got home, read through the story to make the bin as detailed as possible with the supplies I already had on hand, and set up the little activity which included a pumpkin maze from Preschool Powol Packets and apple counting tree by 2 Teaching Mommies. Here is his first impression of the activity (yes, he is excited!)


He eagerly listened to the story and as I read he helped me point out similar objects between the book and the bin. Then it was time to play! Pick some pumpkins, climb up the ladder for apples, make the animals talk, toss the leaves, fill the wagon. You name it; we did it!

books & bins pumpkins apples trio play

The mom and dad and little girl acted out the story a bit as well.

books & bins pumpkins apples trio play 2

His favorite part was filling the wagon with pumpkins! We have gone on a hay ride to pick pumpkins pretty much every year now, and we talked a little about doing it this year. He has trouble separating days and times still, so I didn’t want him to get too excited since it would be a few more days!

books & bins pumpkin apples count

We used our pumpkins and apples to work on these two activities! Love sneaking in a little math and fine motor work if I can. He wasn’t super excited but he did do the two sheets!

Another great book & bin play time together!

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  1. This sensory bin is so cute. I love how much you incorporated the book into the sensory bin. My 5 year old doesn’t really get into sensory bins much, but I think if he had a story to “act out” he might like it better.

  2. What a wonderful sensory table. Our favorite autumn book is Apple Farmer Annie so I made a similar one in our water table and my grandsons
    (2.5 and 3.5 yrs) had so much fun! Now they’ve transitioned to making ‘apple soup’ in their kitchen. I love how one idea leads to another!

    I also enjoy connecting fun experiences with the books we read to enhance learning. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I’ll definitely be back for more.


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