Combine LEGO, sensory play, and fine motor skills practice in one awesome and simple to put together in one LEGO Star Wars activity for kids! We love sensory bin and we love our LEGO minifigures. Combine the two for easy play anytime. Sensory play ideas are easier than you think and have so many benefits for young kids.

Practice fine motor skills with a Lego Star Wars activity.

Lego Star Wars Fine Motor Sensory Search

Building with legos has so many great benefits for kids!

In celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4th, I made a simple sensory and fine motor activity. We have tons of hand me down Legos. The possibilities were endless as to what to put together for this Lego Star Wars activity. We have all these droids, so why not make a sensory search, find, and build. There are tons of creative ways to use Legos for simple play ideas. We have a great collection of 20+ Lego Play Ideas which also highlights the benefits of Legos.


Building Droids Lego Fine Motor Skills

I gathered all the Star Wars droid parts for our Lego Star Wars Activity. For added fun I buried them in a shallow pan of tan colored craft sand. We love craft sand for sensory bins and even in our newest space slime recipe! It’s so easy to use and versatile. Add a pair of tweezers or even a clothespin to work on fine motor skills.


Building Droids Lego Star Wars

My son is just getting into Legos and Star Wars, so it was fun to make a Lego Star Wars activity with the pieces we already had. So many great fine motor skills are a natural part of Lego building projects. He searched with the tweezers, built droids, and even engaged in some Lego Star Wars themed play.


Lego Star Wars Activity Building Droids

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