Buried Bugs Sensory Bin Play!

buried bugs sensory bins

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs!

A buried bugs sensory bin awaited Liam’s curiosity the other morning.

What do you do when you walk by a shelf of $0.25 Easter grass? You think, that would be great filler for a buried bugs sensory bin. Then you buy four bags of it! You also a pick up the dollar store bugs and capsules that turn into sponge creatures and in this case bugs! Transforming the capsules into sponges is a fun little activity all in itself and then you are left with great little sponges for play!

Simple Set Up Bugs Sensory Bin

Lots of easter grass, all sorts of bugs and, and preschool friendly tongs all go in a bin! I thought this pretty cardboard gift box would make a fun, new bin! See, bins don’t have to be a clear plastic tub. I love looking around the house and seeing how I can re-purpose things we already have! Liam is 3 years old here.

buried bugs grass sensory bin

Bugs Sensory Bin Play

Liam was encouraged to dig through the grass and search for bugs to put in the tray. He had a pair of great little tweezers to help him out. Got to get those fine motor skills in too! In general this type of filler is not his favorite but I think it is good to add in for variety and different sensory experiences. He did get very hung up on each strand and didn’t want it hanging over the edge of the box, but I encouraged him to move it around even if it made a bit of a mess. I included both sponge bugs and plastic bugs because I told him when he was done finding bugs he could give them a bug bath! This was very motivating for him to finish the activity!buried bugs sensory bin exploring

Simple Set Up Washing Bugs Sensory Bin

A few towels, scrubbing cloth and plastic bowl filled with warm soapy water is an easy hands on play activity for kids! After we found our bugs in the grass, they each needed a bath and a scrub! I had him drop the bugs into the water and let him play and scrub to his hearts delight! He placed each one on the towel to dry after he was finished! We practiced some counting skills too with the bugs!

buried bugs water sensory play

Sensory bins and sensory play are awesome ways to interact with young children and work on different skills in fun ways!

Two bug sensory play ideas in one!

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  1. Thank you for following along with us. My son has several therapists doing various things. He really enjoys the 3 dimensional activities!

  2. Thank you for a great place to link up. I love when people enjoy the ideas and pass them on!

  3. Such good motivation. Pardon the pun but he was crawling with anticipation. So glad you liked it and I hope you follow along with us!

  4. What a great idea for using Easter grass! I’ve thought about using it for a sensory bin, but wasn’t sure what to put in with it. Bugs are perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and hope you will visit us and follow along!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my happy little guy and his bugs. I already linked up my butterflies and beans sensory bin this week. The pictures nd color were so beautiful! Good luck with the butterflies. I may have to do it too since he liked the butterfly bin so much!

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