Try This Easy Cardboard Hearts Building Activity

Cardboard Hearts Building Activity Valentine Building Project

Building with cardboard is cheap and easy! These cardboard hearts make for a perfect building project anytime of the year! Plus you can try all sorts of shapes. We did this type of cardboard building activity over Christmas time with triangles for trees!  Make sure to check out this great list of favorite Valentine activities . We also just made the coolest candy free Valentine’s cards for my son’s friends!

Cardboard Hearts Building Activity Set Up, Materials, and Simple Directions

  • cardboard {thinner cardboard is better}
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil
  • heart shape to trace {cookie cutters work great!}

Cardboard Hearts Building Activity Materials

I decided on two different size hearts for our cardboard hearts building project. Initially I tried to free cut a heart and I guess I need some practice! Cookie cutters work great for tracing. Simply trace and cut as many hearts {or any shapes} as you wish. Stick with a thinner, solid cardboard {not poster board}. To make slits, simply cut in from the edge about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch length. I double snip the opening meaning I cut in again over the same cut to make it just the tiniest bit wider. You can do one or a few slits per heart. We made two on some and one on others.



Cardboard Hearts Building Activity Connecting Hearts

Use your new cardboard hearts to start building. We love how they easily fit together and sort of lock into place. Yes, you can buy similar toys in the stores, but it’s always fun to make something new. Especially if you aren’t sure how much play they will see.

With these cardboard hearts, you can color or paint them, add stickers or glitter, and make new shapes too! I love that you can make whatever you want when you want for pennies! Older kids can make their own cardboard hearts building pieces and siblings can work together!

Cardboard Hearts Building Activity Cardboard Box Play Valentine Day Idea

This cardboard hearts building activity is great for some engineering play! How tall can you make your cardboard hearts sculpture? It’s also great for learning about solid bases, creating foundations, balance, and weight distribution. There is so much hands-on learning by doing in this activity. Our cardboard hearts are great for problem solving!

cardboard Hearts Building Activity Heart Sculpture Heart STEM Valentine BuildingThis cardboard hearts  building project will bring great satisfaction to curious and creative little minds. Feel good about creating recycled toys and games at home with simple materials you already have!

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