I love giving simple learning activities fun themes for the seasons or holidays. This Christmas color mixing activity is just that! So easy to set up and fun for kids to do. Learn through play and experimentation this holiday season with Christmas color mixing in plastic reusable ornaments. We love simple and do-able Christmas activities for kids!

Learn About Color With Christmas Color Ornaments

Christmas Color Mixing Plastic Ornament Christmas Activity for Kids

Simple Christmas Play For Kids

Our Christmas color mixing activity below is simple science and early learning fun!  We are all about having fun with Christmas play ideas this time of year and have done so many already! We also love color activities that use hands on play!

We used these plastic globe ornaments in a few ways already! We made erupting ornaments with baking soda and vinegar, a craft sand sensory bin with ornaments, actual tree ornaments, and slime ornament gifts. This Christmas color mixing activity is easy to set up for quick morning play and learning!

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Christmas Color Ornaments 

Supplies Needed:

  • egg carton to hold up ornaments
  • plastic globe ornaments {tops removed}
  • water
  • food coloring
  • eye dropper
  • small cups to hold primary colors

Set Up:

For this simple Christmas color mixing activity, I used 6 plastic globe ornaments with removable tops. I set them up in an egg carton so they wouldn’t roll around on us!

We used three small plastic containers to hold our three primary colors:  red, yellow, and blue. I set those in the back of the egg container.

I placed everything on a cookie sheet and put out an eye dropper. Invitation for color mixing play!

color mixing christmas ornaments set up

Play With Color

Invite your child to explore color mixing activities in fun, hands on ways that are sure to make them smile! I love mixing it up with the holidays or seasons to add a little variety!

Not only does this Christmas color mixing activity show how colors mix, but it also uses great for developing fine motor skills! Using the eye dropper and steadying the ornaments is big work for little hands!

color mixing christmas ornaments eye dropper fine motor skills

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We mixed the traditional colors in the globe ornaments by first making up our primary colors, red, yellow and blue.

Next we chose two colors to combine and guessed the results! You can go even further and let your child explore dumping them into one another to make “new” colors.

You may already know what happens when you combine too many colors, but let your child figure it out himself! That’s the wonder of childhood!

Color mixing christmas ornaments all mixed

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