Even though it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean we can put all the studies away. But you can make math lessons fun with a holiday twist. I came up with a simple Christmas math LEGO estimation activity to work on several math skills. LEGO is awesome for hands-on learning any day of the year.


Christmas Math LEGO Estimation Activity with Ornaments

I love to get creative with our math activities. It makes learning so much more fun and meaningful if it’s interesting. We love to add LEGO whenever we can to our learning activities. We have a huge collection of LEGO LEARNING ACTIVITIES.

LEGO Math Estimation Christmas Activity

You could also add these free printable LEGO math challenge cards to each of the ornaments for a separate math activity. Have a basket of math ornaments ready to go for your next free time. Kids have so much fun with LEGO, they don’t realize how much learning is also taking place.

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LEGO Bricks! We used a combination of red, white, and green for Christmas. We also used assorted sizes.

Refillable Ornaments

LEGO Christmas Math Estimation Activity with bricks

Fill your ornaments with bricks. Make sure that you have added enough bricks to each ornament so that your kids aren’t simply counting them! They need to use their estimating math skills instead.


Learning with LEGO book side bar

One thing I did was leave a pile of 10 bricks outside of the ornament. This gave him an idea of what 10 bricks looks like, and he can use that as a way to estimate the amount of bricks in the ornament.

LEGO Estimation Math


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Christmas Math Activity with LEGO Bricks

Have your kids check out the ornaments. I  made up several with different amounts and different sizes of LEGO bricks. You can also have them write down their best estimate of how many bricks they think are in the ornaments!

LEGO Estimation Math Skills

Estimation is really just a good guess that is close enough! This is a super important math skill for everyday living because it’s helpful to be able to estimate a grocery bill, how many missing socks you need to find, how much food you need to prepare. Estimating allows you to come up with an answer that will be helpful in determining the end result.

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When your kids have written down their best guesses, have them count the bricks. Another great math skill! My son had guessed there were 30 bricks in one of the ornaments. His actual count was 28! That’s very close and an awesome estimate. I also showed him how rounding off a number is also a part of estimating.

Counting LEGO Math Activity

You don’t have to do this activity with just LEGO bricks. Use any objects you have in quantity. Think pompoms, rocks, marbles, cotton balls, and more. Add them to a jar, close the lid, and have them make their best guesses!

Christmas Math LEGO Estimation Plastic Ornaments

Math made fun with LEGO! What will you with your LEGO bricks today.



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