Christmas mirror play is a wonderful simple Christmas science and sensory activity for young children. Exploring reflections is really neat and exciting for kids! We have used this mirror before for exploring reflections and light and for creating a small world with loose parts.

Christmas Mirror Play Exploring Reflections

Christmas Mirror Play Reflections Science Activity


Christmas Science Sensory Play with Loose Parts

What is a mirror? What is reflection? What is light? Are there other surfaces that reflect? We looked around the house and he named quite a few including the heart on my silver necklace! His definition of reflection is all about the light bouncing and creating the same image. Here’s more on the physics of mirrors and reflection. You can even grab a flashlight to test out lights on mirrors like we did with our light reflection activity. Fascinating hands-on, visual sensory play too!

Christmas Mirror Play Set Up

We enjoy repeating similar experiments to reinforce key concepts. I love playful science just for that purpose. This time we mixed it up by adding Christmas goodies and our awesome star confetti slime.

Supplies Needed:

  • Mirror {ours is from our half bath wall} You can certainly pick one up that is also shatterproof.
  • Christmas decorations including balls, stars, and anything shimmery!
  • Metal cookie cutters
  • Strings of beads
  • Jingle bells
  • Bows
  • flameless lights
  • SLIME! {our newest way to explore slime was on the mirror today, easy recipe for quick slime}

Please note: Mirrors can break! Please supervise your child closely and model how to play appropriately. I stayed with my son at all times while he played with the mirror. 

Christmas Mirror Play Invitation to Explore Reflections

Christmas mirror play invitation to explore reflections set up

What fun for all of us! I enjoyed playing too! Joining your child is a nice way to start conversation about what your child is experiencing.

Ask questions! Wonder out loud about what will happen if…. Your child is listening and watching you.

Christmas mirror play exploring reflections cookie cutters

Encourage your child to try an item if he or she is reluctant to begin. Try not to instruct but model or provide encouragement to explore and observe what happens with the items on the mirror.

Christmas mirror play exploring string beads on mirror

The colors are so beautiful on the mirror. It was a gray day here, but the light from the window made the mirror sparkle. Christmas mirror play is a great indoor activity!

Christmas Mirror Play exploring reflections placing bells

Let your child experiment freely with the objects. Maybe he or she is particularly interested with one item. This mirror play is all about exploration! Enjoy his or her curiosity before he or she moves on to something else. Enjoy the play too!

Christmas mirror play exploring reflections with slime sensory play

We have never tried our slime on the mirror before but it was perfect for this mirror play activity. The reflection was so cool. Check out our sparkly star slime or one of our many other homemade slimes!

Christmas mirror play exploring reflections

I love the reflection the slime creates as it oozes onto the mirror! He loved when I showed him my reflection of my reflection in the Christmas ornament from our mirror play.

Enjoy easy holiday science!

Set up an invitation to explore with Christmas mirror play!

Explore Colors in a Mirror

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Sparkly Star Slime

Star confetti slime sparkly sensory play

Simple light and reflection activity

Exploring Reflections Mirror Science Sensory Play Learning


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