Christmas sand foam is an easy sensory play to bring out any time of the year! My favorite activities are ones I can create with what I already have in the house. This simple Christmas sand foam sensory play only uses two ingredients, shaving cream and sand. Our first play recipe was sandbox sand foam, but this time I used red craft sand for a Christmas them!

Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play

Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play 2 Ingredient Sensory Play

 It’s a simple sensory recipe from our  Awesome Sensory Recipe collection.  Make sure to check out the Ultimate Sensory Play Guide to learn all about easy tactile sensory play!

Ingredients And Recipe

  • colored craft sand
  • shaving cream
  • bowl
  •  mixing spoon
  • large container for play
  • construction vehicles, Christmas themed goodies, scoops, and bowls
  • glitter {optional}

Fill a bowl or bin with your sand and add a generous amount of shaving cream to it! Mix until light and fluffy and whipped like foam. We did add a generous amount of glitter.

You can tweak the amount of shaving cream needed by the consistency you like and how much sand you use! Want to change it? Simply add more of one and mix it again! We took a break from ours for dinner and gave it a good stir to continue the sand foam sensory play!

Christmas sand foam sensory recipe 2 ingredient mixing

Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play Experience

Sand takes on a whole new form when mixed with shaving cream. The texture is very cool! Light and airy like whipped cream! No tasting!

Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play Messy Sensory Play with Hands

He remembered we used trucks last time for our original sand foam sensory play! Of course, he wanted to use them again! I got out some “cargo” as well (mini ornaments)

Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play Construction vehicles

A small bowl of sand foam makes for very generous piles to move with front loaders.

Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play Digging with Construction Vehicles

We all enjoyed this very simple Christmas sand foam all afternoon and into the evening!

Christmas Sand Foam Sensory Play Messy Sensory Play Recipe

If your child dislikes getting hands really messy (as does mine) provide him with spoons, trucks, and other tools to help minimize mess and increase enjoyment. Offer to let him rinse his hands every so often. I did get my hands messy to help make big piles or smooth out roads and that when the pictures ended! The more we enjoy messy sensory play, the more he tolerates the textures! Enjoy your quick and easy sand foam! 12 Sensory play Recipes at your fingertips! 

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