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Christmas Treasure Basket


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I had a wonderful opportunity to put together a Christmas treasure basket {discovery basket} for a young child the other day! Treasure baskets are often a younger version of a sensory bin and usually does not contain a filler such as rice or beans. Treasure baskets are made for very young children to explore sensory play in a safe way. Make sure all the items you pick for your Christmas treasure basket are appropriate to the child’s age. The child I had created this for was a young toddler and I stayed with him the whole time! We have plenty of Christmas sensory play activities for preschool age and older too!

Christmas Treasure Basket 

I had this fun, festive,  cardboard box in my decorating supplies. I gathered up anything Christmas related that was going to be safe for my treasure basket. Many items you will find at your local dollar store. Assemble them all in your box and get down on the floor with your child!

  • garland
  • garland covered mini tree
  • small gingerbread house box
  • cookie cutters
  • stocking
  • bows
  • beaded garland
  • plastic ornaments
  • star tree topper
  • snowflake ornaments {soft and plastic ones}
  • silicone Christmas baking tray
  • large bin or box to hold it all

Christmas treasure basket set up

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I had forgotten what this age was like! All the exploring and smiling and waving hands! He was so curious and interested in feeling every item, turning it over and over, and banging them too! I love some of the ideas we did together. Here are some ways we played to try with your child.

  • hiding items in the small box
  • pretending garland tree was a hat
  • filling the stocking
  • decorating the tree
  • wrapping things in the garlands

What else would you do? The possibilities were endless with this little guy. We spent quite a long time exploring this Christmas treasure basket. I was even able to sit back and watch him engage with it on his own.  He had a blast and so did I. This Christmas treasure basket was simple to make and brought loads of great play and learning opportunities to our time together!

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Christmas treasure basket for toddler

A Christmas treasure basket is an easy way to include a young child in your sensory play activities with older children. It’s also perfect if you need to do lessons with an older child but want to include a younger child as well. Quick and simple Christmas treasure basket for your holiday season! Make one for all the holidays and seasons too!

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 Will you try a Christmas sensory play activity this holiday season?


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