We love board games! We love STEM! What better opportunity to test out a brand new coding game from Think Fun! I was thrilled when I was contacted by Think Fun to test run their newest coding game, Code Master. Designed to teach the fundamentals of computer programming logic to young kids without a computer, Code Master shows how a computer executes programs through a specific sequence of actions. Only one sequence is correct to win the Code Master level. This engaging coding game for kids is not only educational but fun too! Available in Target stores NOW!

Code Master: A NEW Think Fun Coding Game for Kids!

Code Master Coding Game for Kids Game Review STEM game for kids


Code Master and STEM

STEM is a mighty popular subject these days. The emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math is growing. Learning how computers work and how computers change the world is key to our future generations. Code Master is an amazing coding game for kids as young as 6 years old to work on problem solving, logic, and sequential actions. Rated at 8+ ages, our son immediately had success with minimal help from us. This coding game is a single player game but perfect for kids and adults to work on together. Code Master makes for great family time entertainment.

Code Master Game for Kids Coding for Kids Game Review

Set Up Your Level.

Use the Guide Scroll to set up the outline of your program and determine what pieces are required to complete the level. Set up your avatar, portal, and crystals as indicated for the specific level. You are provided with specific number of colored chips that will guide your avatar along colored paths to reach the portal and end of the level!

Code Master is a compact game with 60 logic puzzles!

Code Master Game Board Single Player Coding Game for Kids

My son loves when a level has crystals to harvest! It does add an interesting element when you begin creating the programing instructions! Crystal harvesting can be sneaky to fit into your coding instructions, so you have to think carefully!

Code Master Coding Game for Kids Setting Up Crystals

Write Your Program.

Try to set up the colored chips by visualizing the end results of your program. Carefully choose the colored paths you think will lead your avatar to its destination and pick up any crystals indicated along the way. There are multiple ways to potentially solve the problem but only one real solution. Take your time and choose wisely.

Code Master Coding Game for Kids Setting Up the Board Game

Run Your Program.

Think you have coded the correct sequence of actions? There is only one correct path in this coding game, and you must use only the colored chips specified to execute your program. Code Master requires careful planning. Now it’s time to run your program! Move your avatar along the colored paths you specified in your program. Did your avatar make it to the portal using the correct number of paths/colors? Did you collect the crystals? If not, undo your moves and plan out a different sequence of actions.

Code Master Coding Game for Kids Working a Coding Problem STEM Game

What Does Code Master Teach?

Code Master teaches children to visualize an outcome of a series of events, to apply logic to solve a problem, to have patience when a program is not right. The correct path is not always on the first try. This coding game provides an opportunity for kids to challenge themselves to think like a computer, make a plan, test a plan, and rework a plan until it is right.

Code Master Coding Game for Kids

My son truly enjoys this game. I truly enjoy this game. My husband was extremely impressed with Code Master. My son begged us to leave it set up overnight so he could play it first thing in the morning. That’s an easy request to say yes too! Even after our son went to bed, my husband and I continued to play Code Master. This awesome coding game is played weekly! since it does not require multiple players, my son can work on levels while I use my computer or even make dinner!

 Introduce coding skills to kids. Make STEM fun and exciting!

Code Master is an AWESOME coding game for kids.



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