Learn how to make coffee filter flowers for a sweet flower bouquet to make and give this Valentine’s Day and explore some simple science too! All you need is a few easy supplies and you can make endless flowers out of coffee filters!


Learn how to make coffee filter flowers for simple solubility science and STEAM activity.

Kids love this super simple coffee filter flower science experiment, and it’s great to even include some color theory or design elements depending on how interested in your kids are in the crafty side of it all. Make it a STEAM activity. STEM + Art  = STEAM.

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Let’s keep it basic for our younger or junior scientists! Chemistry is all about the way different materials are put together, and how they are made up including atoms and molecules. It’s also how these materials act under different conditions. Chemistry is often a base for physics so you will see overlap!

What might you experiment with in chemistry? Classically we think of a mad scientist and lots of bubbling beakers, and yes there is a reaction between bases and acids to enjoy! Also, chemistry involves matter, changes, solutions, and the list goes on and on.

We will be exploring simple chemistry you can do at home or in the classroom that isn’t too crazy, but is still lots of fun for kids! You can check out some more chemistry activities here.


  • Paper towel/newspaper
  • Coffee filters
  • Small 4 or 8oz mason jars
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Water
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape

coffee filter flowers supplies


  • Flatten out the coffee filters onto a piece of paper towel or newspaper.
  • Draw a circle on the coffee filter with a marker on the round bottom area.
  • Fold each coffee filter in half four times.
  • Add an inch of water to each mason jar and place the folded coffee filter into the water with just the bottom touching the water.
  • In a minute or two and water will have traveled up the coffee filter and through the color.
  • Unfold the coffee filters and let dry.
  • Fold the coffee filters in half about 4 times again and round the top with scissors.
  • Pull the center together just a touch and tape with clear tape to make a flower.
  • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the tape and leave the remaining pipe cleaner for a stem.

NOTE: You can use more than one coffee filter per flower if you like! In fact, you can easily use up to 4 filters per flower.

First, you will want to flatten out the coffee filter as best as possible. Go ahead and use a marker to color a ring around the circular part of the middle fo the coffee filter.

Alternatively, you can just color in anywhere you want on the flower and use a spray bottle filled with water. Read more about this process below.


For each coffee filter flower, you will want to set up a coffee filter and a small cup of water.

The alternative method to this is to simply color in the coffee filter and spray down with water. You can actually see that process here with our tie-dye coffee filters for the Lorax.

Below we were also playing around with chromatography, but you would really want a lot of different color markers including black to get a good sense of how chromatography works with coffee filters.

Once you have decorated the filters any way you like, fold it in half four times.

fold coffee filter in half four times to set up for coffee filter flowers

You only want to fill a small mason jar, cup, or glass with about an inch of water, just enough for the tip of the filter to get wet. The water will travel up the tissue paper because of something called capillary action. You can read more about that in the walking water science activity

place the tip of folded coffee filter in a small jar of water so only the tip is in the water

Let the kids watch the water travel up the coffee filters moving the color with it! Once the water has moved through the filter (just a few minutes), you can take them out and spread them out to dry.

dried coffee filter flowers

Turn coffee filters into coffee filter flowers!

Once they are dry, fold them back up and round the corners if desired.

round the edges of your dyed coffee filters

The last step in your coffee filter flower bouquet is a stem!

  • Pull the center together just a touch and tape with clear tape to make a flower.
  • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the tape and leave the remaining pipe cleaner for a stem.

Pipe cleaner stems for coffee filter flowers

Make a bouquet of coffee filter flowers to give to a special someone any time of the year!

coffee filter flower bouquet


Soluble vs. insoluble! If something is soluble that means it will dissolve in that liquid. The ink used in these washable markers dissolves in what? The water of course!

When you added drops of water to the designs on the paper, the ink should spread out and run along the paper with the water.

Note: Permanent markers do not dissolve in water but in alcohol. You can see this in action here with our tie dye sharpie cards.



  1. I love this!! such a fun activity for the spring. I think I remember making these flowers as a kid, but stumbling across this on Pinterest just reminded me I need to share this with my kids too!

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