Exploring colors with kids is so much fun and these color activities are perfect for any time play! Learning the names of colors, sorting colors, mixing colors, creating with colors is all a part of early learning play.

I love to share the same concept in many different ways so my son has an opportunity to practice new skills and maintain already mastered skills and concepts. Color mixing is always lots of fun once you move past basic color recognition!

Color Activities For Kids

Color Activities and Sensory Play Ideas for Hands On Learning


Simple Ideas For Everyday Learning

Check out all the fun color activities we have come up with to play and learn with colors. Many of the color activities include additional learning ideas with mathematics, science, and fine motor skills!

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Color Recognition

Games always make learning more fun, don’t you think? Check out what you have around the house to make a game!

color game fine motor skills materialscolors game


Color Matching And Sorting

Color matching and sorting is great hands-on busy work for little handles! Lots of room for fine motor skills practice by adding scissors, clothespins, tongs and rolling pins!

Easter Egg Fine Motor Skills Color MatchColor matching and cutting fine motor skills

color matching with paint cardsColor sorting and matching buttons and play dough

Color Mixing

We are still working on the color mixing theory here. There are so many neat ways to try this one out. We also have a fizzy dough color mixing tray (here) and play dough color mixing (here)!

color mixing with colored ice cubescolor mixing fizzy pots

Color Sensory Play

Any sensory bin that offers up a visual bounty of colors is awesome for learning. Talk with your child about the colors he or she sees. Describe them; sort them; play with them!

color rainbow sensory play with cdcolor rainbow rice sensory play mixing with hands


Find more fun and learning activities for young learners here.

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  1. These are really fun-looking activities. I think my older adults may enjoy doing/ discussing some of them, too.

    [fyi: each of these color activities pages had loading problems, in Chrome and IE, and pop-up – “message from webpage not found”. IDK if there is a problem due to the videos following us around on the page, but that sounds complicated – would bog down the system.]

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