Color Mixing Fizzy Science

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color mixing fizzing science

Early Learning Science Experiment

Why Preschool Science?

Preschoolers are curious creatures. Science experiments, even very simple experiments fuel their curiosity for the world. Learning how to observe, how to talk about what they see and how to predict what might happen are amazing tools for the future! Experiments increase practical life and fine motor skills not to mention math and literacy skills.

Color Mixing Fizzy Science Set Up

We love the simple chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar.

Supplies Needed:

  • baking soda
  • water
  • vinegar
  • food coloring
  • serving tray (party store) or small containers
  • eye dropper and squeeze bottle

Set Up:

I made a simple fizzy dough for this color mixing experiment. I used the same recipe for our fizzing melons sensory activity. Check it out! The dough is very simple to mix up and use immediately or freeze for a bit for a little frozen play! Divide mixture into containers or compartments of  a serving tray. Provide three cups of colored vinegar from which the colors will be mixed. I added some color cues for him, so he could  work independently. Add eye droppers and squirt bottles!

color mixing fizzy science set up

Eye droppers are awesome for strengthening hands and are great scientific tools for young children.

color mixing fizzy science with eye dropper

Squirt or squeeze bottle are another awesome hand strengthening tool and great for making a big fizz!

color mixing fizzy science with squeeze bottle

Yes, pouring all the vinegar in at once is great fun and makes for lots of fizzing action.

color mixing fizzy science pouring

Take a moment and listen to the fizz, feel the fizz and talk about the bubbles. These are great ways to develop observation skills. Don’t tell your child what is going on, ask him questions! What do you feel? What do you see?

color mixing fizzy science feeling the fizz

We have been working on simple science concepts, repeating similar types of experiments to build knowledge and reinforce learning skills. Young children need simple concepts repeated for greater understanding, so try a few ways and you will be amazed at how much they remember. This will build confidence for new learning experiences and curiosity to try new experiments!

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