Fine Motor Skills Sensory Play

Confetti Fine Motor Skills Sensory Play Search and Find

Confetti Sensory Bin Search

Practicing fine motor skills are so much more fun with creative fine motor skills sensory play ideas! I love to make search and find sensory bins and add a good pair of kid friendly tweezers. Tweezers are an awesome tool for strengthening hands and sensory play is fun! Fine motor skills practice is so easy when you are having fun!

Confetti Sensory Search Set Up

I had a whole bag of Happy Birthday themed confetti. Add some tweezers and a Dollar Store ice-cube tray  and you have a new fun rice sensory bin. We used rice as a filler since it was handy, but we have many favorite sensory bin fillers to try!

confetti fine motor skills set up

Fine Motor Skills Work

He chose the balls first and used the large purple tweezers (Learning Resources). These were pretty easy and quick. The large tweezers did not work so well for the confetti pieces {for his skill level} and the tray was quite dark for seeing what he had already put into it, so I switched some things around. I found a small pair of tweezers and a white tray! I gave him the task of sorting the objects!

confetti fine motor skills balls


Lots of great hand work and fine motor skills practice. Great hand strengthening exercise.

confetti fine motor skills black tweezers


Even sifting through the rice and using a pincer grasp {thumb and first finger} is awesome fine motor skills practice for younger children! These items are small. If you find your child tiring with the tweezers, switch to fingers!

confetti fine motor skills sensory play

Working With Your Child

Sometimes you have to know when to fold them  and when to hold them and when to adjust to your child’s needs during the activity. I try to work with and not against him for a happier more productive time together. Although Liam did not get to practice the smallest item with the tweezers, he happily finished the activity with his fingers.

Extend The Play

This is also a sensory bin with rice for free play. Add a small scoop and container. Let your child dump the goodies back into the rice and fill and dump and pretend all they like. I love activities that combine the best of both skills work and free play for greater exploration and creativity if the child chooses.

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  1. Cute! I like the tweezer work, my daughter really likes that kind of thing and I’m sure she’d have used her fingers for the smallest bits too. Nice that there is both a goal and open play available!

  2. Great tips for working with your child to complete the activity! Love the simplicity of this activity too! I think I have some of those little balls, I wonder if Caden would enjoy this. Might have to give it a try this afternoon!

  3. I just love how simple this is! I admit I feel as I have to overload the bin for it to be “fun”– so I am glad to see just a few things led to several different activities!! I must not complicate things– that should be my New Years resolution! ; )

  4. What a fun bin for January!

    Thanks for linking up at TGIF! Hope to see you linked up again later today and have a GREAT weekend =)


  5. We’ve been using tongs more lately but not tweezers. I already have a rice sensory bin now to hide some goodies inside!! Thanks for the idea!!

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