Creating Alphabet sensory bins is a pretty easy and quick process. You should really be able to find all you need amongst your kid’s toys, puzzles and games and some common household objects. I chose a smaller, shallower bin than usual. 6.2 QT instead of 25 QT to be exact. I thought it would be fun to use alphabet pasta as the filler since we never have and it would be unique of course to the next 26 alphabet sensory bins. Four boxes were needed. Of course, you could use rice, beans or whatever else you have around the house if you want to throw it together quickly!



We are starting all the way back at the beginning of the alphabet with the letter ‘Aa’. Liam will be finishing up the alphabet at school in a few weeks and I am hoping to review the alphabet with him over the summer in fun and stress free ways. If you missed it you can check out my post about Teaching A Happy Alphabet. Included in that post are more great ideas and resources outside of sensory bins. However, we love sensory bins here so even though it will be a pretty basic concept for him, I think we will both enjoy all the new quick bins each week. Probably one per week.


The hardest part about the bin was looking around the house and scavenging through bins of toys! You really need to think outside the box so to speak to find a variety of objects that work. Puzzle pieces, flash cards, finger puppets, magnets, whatever fits the letter. Please note that I prefer to stick to the phonetic sound of the letter as opposed to any object that just start with that letter. Therefore in this bin I did not include an acorn or an airplane. Rather, you will see ambulance, ant, alligator, apple and armadillo! You can also include any mini or full size animals in a basket next to bin and of course any specific books you want your child to look at for that letter or theme!


I set this alphabet sensory bin up and put it out on his table the night before so it is a surprise in the morning. Indeed, he was pleasantly surprised and rummaged through it a few times. I included a Thomas train named Alfie that he really likes and of course some scoops, tongs and a magnifying glass. By the end of the day, all the items were out on the table and the pasta was in a pile in the middle of the bin. A well-played with sensory bin is the best!


Can’t wait for ‘Bb’ next week!


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