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Top 10 Creative Kits for Preschoolers!

Creative Kits for Kids


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  Top 10 Preschool Creative Kits!

  Our favorite ways to be creative and explore!                                             

These are our 10 best creative kits! We own some of these and some he will actually get for Christmas this year since he is a little older and has more fun putting them together.  Usually, they are a Daddy and Liam activity that is easy for them to work on together. I love how these kits offer Liam the direction and structure he needs but also allows him a chance to be creative with colors and designs! We were very lucky to win two fun kits in a raffle yesterday and they are included below! I have also included other types of “kits” to encourage exploration, creativity and discovery! 

Creative Kit #1

Kooky Crazy Mini Cars

This is one of our raffle prizes that we won and are working on now! So far so good and right now it’s a steal on Amazon if you add it to a qualifying purchase! Slightly older than preschool but we always work together on these and he enjoys the process.


Creative Kit # 2

Build Your Own Pirate Ship

This is the second raffle prize Liam won! It’s on the table drying after he and daddy put it together! Hopefully he will get to paint it after dinner. So far and easy build with daddy’s help!

Creative Kit #3

Make Your Own Sock Puppets!

This is a gift for Christmas. We haven’t been disappointed with our other kits from Creativity for Kids. We are hoping this will be lots of fun since Liam loves puppets and actually asked about making a sock puppet the other day.


Creative Kit #4

Primary Science Kit

We love this science kit. It comes with great, simple ideas and we have made up a ton of our own fun activities using the different parts!


Creative Kit #5

Melissa & Doug Play Dough Tools Kit

I love these tools and include them with every play dough invitation to play I set up for Liam. Sturdy and well made!

Creative Kit #6

Moon Sand

Yes, there are lots of recipes out there but this stuff is awesome and stays usable for so long. We keep ours in a closed bin and have had it for a year. He loves to make sand castles in it! We use our play dough molds, trucks and whatever we can find to have fun with this.


Creative Kit #7

Drill and Design Kit

We have had a chance to play with this at a friends house. The two of them have actually worked together to create the patterns. I had fun too!


Creative Kit #8

Quadrilla Marble Maze (one of the varieties!)

We had a chance to get this at an amazing (practically free ) price. This will be the gift from Santa. There are many sets to choose from but it is pricey. Our friends have one and they enjoy it as well. If we had not had this opportunity, I was interested in the ones below. Based on the reviews, I thought these were the most promising.


Creative Kit #9

Melissa and Doug Reusable Habitat Sticker Scenes

We have enjoyed playing with this simple activity many times. Good sized reusable stickers for creating different scenes from dinosaurs to farm animals! Nice way to pass some time or keep a child busy while you get some work done, maybe 😉


Creative Kit #10

Make your own creative kit!

Snowflake Making Kit: Wooden snowflakes from craft store, white acrylic paint and brush, glitter and sequins.

Water Beads Sensory Play Kit: Pack an inexpensive clear storage bin with a pack of dehydrated or hydrated water beads (craft store), include scoops or measuring cups (dollar store), and glass gems (dollar store). If you think of a theme your child might like, add a TOOB of animals and a book. Put all the ingredients for a DIY sensory kit into the bin and stick a bow on top! I have a penguin bin stored away with water beads, gems, a TOOB of penguins, some white foam sheets cut into icebergs and a couple books of penguins from the 2nd hand book store!

Playdough kit: Make your own play dough! Pack different colors in storage containers (dollar store) and add some cookie cutters (dollar store) or the tools by Melissa and Doug above! 


Thank you for reading our favorites and hope you will try one too!

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  1. I love your idea of making your own kits, especially the water beads kit – what a fun present that would make! And I’m so glad you included the Science Kit; I’ve never seen that and Kay would LOVE it for Christmas!

  2. We were so lucky to have found a complete kit at a 2nd hand store for $6! So worth it since I use it for other things too.

  3. I love the Melissa and Doug reusable sticker pads. My daughter received a dress up one as a gift and she spent at least an hour playing with it. I ended up buying her another one and my son a transportation one. They are great when you are trying to get some work done! Love the other ideas you have listed too!

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