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One skill Liam doesn’t seem to mind working on lately is cutting (as long as it isn’t too challenging). This is one activity he is willing to do independently, but of course it really requires supervision with the scissors! Haha!

Cutting Tray Set Up

I really love this inexpensive serving tray from the party store! It creates a nice presentation for him and also some order to what is available to cut in each compartment. He can see what he has already done and what he has left to cut! Organizing each activity so that it fits neatly into a compartment of the tray helps him to see a clear start and finish to the activity.

Cutting Skills Tray Materials

Ribbon, curly and flat

Thick drinking straws

Old birthday cards

Play dough

Strips of construction paper

Pool noodle slices

cutting skills 3

Each cutting material provided a different type of resistance and feel for him to become accustomed too, but it certainly wasn’t boring with bits of straw flying around the room. He sat with a good deal of concentration for each item with frequent reminders of thumbs up to cut. We are still unsure of whether or not he is left or right-handed but I think he is leaning to the left which is why the scissors might be confusing. I am left-handed but cut fine using right-handed scissors. The scissors we have clearly cut better with the right hand, but in general he rather color with his left.

cutting skills 2

He did in fact ask for a restock on several of the items on his tray that were the most gratifying but definitely not the paper. I bet he thought it was pretty unexpected to be given so many interesting things to cut and paper is the expected cutting material! I was even able to add in some work with play dough, rolling out the “snakes” for cutting! Great practice!

IMG_5086 IMG_5089 IMG_5090


I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for more interesting things to practice cutting skills with as well as some more paper with specific lines drawn on them. Hopefully the boring mixed into the exciting will do the trick!

How do you like to work on these types of skills with your child?

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  1. I am an AMI and AMS trained Montessori teacher and have been teaching for 33 years. This is a great idea! It’s so important to share practical life and as I am NOT in a Montessori school but run a true Montessori class, I have no peers to share with so I really appreciate these ideas! Well done!

  2. Awesome thank you! I love the tackle box too! I will print that out for the next tray definitely and share you!

  3. These are great ideas! Pinned it! Thanks for sharing At TGIF!

  4. Hmm good question. My cues are thumbs up and open and close like teeth and feeding the paper. We did a lot of hand over hand too in the beginning. If you are following me on facebook I am going to ask the question there and we can see what other responses we get. Cutting with simple materials, one “bite” cuts and even using play dough. We are still working on longer pieces. We did not do much with scissors until 3.

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