Cutting Straws Busy Box Scissor Skills Activity Fine Motor Play Idea

Create a busy box for cutting straws to improve scissor skills!

Find simple and fun ways to practice scissor skills! Our cutting straws busy box is a perfect activity for quiet time play. Quick and easy to put together, cutting straws is always a favorite here. I like to have a busy box handy when I have work to do at the table. I can still supervise his use of scissors, but I can also get some work done. I know he will keep himself busy cutting straws. It’s also great fine motor practice and strengthens little hands! We have a few ideas for scissor skills using all sorts of materials!

Make a cutting straws busy box with common items!

Cutting Skills Busy Box Scissor Activity Straws Play Dough Fine Motor


This month I am joining with a group of bloggers to show how you can turn craft items into learning tools and activities. Make sure to check in with Life Over C’s Learn With Craft Supplies: 21 Day Series for many awesome ideas! There will be several ideas each day for the chosen craft material. Today is straws! Our cutting straws busy box is a great learning idea for Straws.

Fill your cutting straws busy box:

  • Scissors
  • Straws
  • Play Dough
  • Skewers { I cut the sharp points off if you are concerned}
  • Pencil case {busy box}

Simply fill  your cutting straws busy box and you are good to go! I pull out a different busy box whenever I need to sit down at the table and he wants to join me! I do still like to supervise his use of scissors and with an even younger child this is necessary. However he is getting pretty good!

Cutting Skills Threading Straws Activity Play Dough Fine Motor Busy Box

Our cutting straws busy box has an additional activity! I added a small container of play dough and a few skewers. Once he was finished cutting straws, he could thread them onto the skewers or even stick them in the play dough. This is just one simple extension for our cutting straws busy box. You could also add some ribbon to thread the straws!

Cutting straws is simple fine motor play and scissor practice anytime!

Learning with Craft Supplies: 21 Day Series


More fun ideas for scissor skills practice. Click photos.

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