How can you develop fine motor skills while keeping your activity fun and your child engaged? No worksheets here! We use hands on play to develop fine motor skills. Instead try a construction themed math game! A few easy to find items and you have a simple game that teaches math, encourages turn taking, and helps to develop fine motor skills! Play to learn is what childhood is all about. This fun construction play is definitely a favorite!

Develop Fine Motor Skills with DIY Construction Math Game Construction Play Math Game for Developing Fine Motor Skills Pinching Tweezers

Grab your construction vehicles, a bag of small rocks {or anything else such as small Legos}, dice, and simple grocery store clips. I purchased these clips at the grocery store in the housewares section. You can also find them in the dollar store. Still can’t find the? Use a clothespin! It’s a similar finger use to develop fine motor skills!

Construction Math Game Developing Fine Motor Skills with Clips

These clips are perfect for isolating the three fingers of the tripod grip. They include the thumb, pointer and middle fingers that you would use to hold a pencil. If you have a child like mine, you need to find unique ways to develop fine motor skills. We love to add simple math games with counting to our play, so I added the die. Your child may simply want to fill and play. No worries, this will also develop fine motor skills.

Developing Fine Motor Skills Math Game

An activity, like this construction play, is designed to help develop fine motor skills. Your child needs strong hand muscles, finger dexterity, and hand-eye coordination as a foundation to writing. I have gathered quite a few fun ways to develop fine motor skills in a recent article. You don’t need fancy supplies to work little fingers.

Why I Gave Up Trying To Teach My Child How To Write

Construction Math Game Developing Fine Motor Skills

Pretend the clip is a crane or an excavator or whatever vehicle excites your child! Roll the die or dice and fill the dump truck! Want to make this game a little more challenging? Write math problems on cards. Choose a card, solve the problem, and pick up rocks! You can develop fine motor skills without even realizing your working!

developing fine motor skills using tweezers clothespins pinchers

Or you can simply enjoy construction play! Use the clip to build roads, fill, and dump. These rocks are small enough that encouraging the pincer or “pincher” grasp is perfect for the younger kids just starting out with fine motor activities. We played outside with our game. You can even bring out a few construction themed books! Math, literacy, and fine motor skills all in one simple kid-friendly activity. Check out our favorite books below!

Developing fine motor skills construction play

Simple Construction Math Game for Kids

Develop Fine Motor Skills Through Play.


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