Fizzing Dinosaur Excavation & Cleaning Play

Dinosaur Excavation Science Sensory Play and Fine motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills For Science Experiments

Dinosaur Excavation activities are always fun for young children and we have been going through quite a dinosaur phase here. We have also enjoyed icy dinosaur excavation sensory play and a whole bunch of simple dinosaur activities. I think our favorite though was a dinosaur small world with homemade slime! 

Dinosaur Excavation Fine Motor and Science Play

We received this book a couple weeks ago and it sparked a dinosaur interest again! Somehow, summers turn into dinosaur play! Last summer we spent a couple weeks enjoying dinosaur activities. He has already requested more dinosaurs this summer!  Today we have a  fizzy baking soda science dinosaur excavation and fine motor skills dinosaur excavation bone cleaning!

Dinosaur Excavation And Cleaning Set Up

The dinosaur excavation activity consisted of a bin filled with baking soda and water dough. I emptied a couple boxes of baking soda into our large bin. I added water a little bit at a time until I got a packable mixture that was not runny  but crumbly. Along side the bin I added a cookie sheet with an ice cube tray, various eye droppers and a spray bottle. Large bowls of vinegar were also provided to make the baking soda fizz and uncover the bones! Note: Grab a model kit so the bones can be built afterwards. Ours wasn’t the best quality.

Fizzy Dinosaur Excavation Set Up

Once the dinosaur excavation part of the activity was complete, we moved on to the cleaning part of the activity! I supplied a cheap toothbrush just for sensory play. He wanted the bones to be “dirtier” so I tossed a little sand box sand over them. A small toothbrush, a bowl of water and some paper towels are all you need to get these bones cleaned up!

Fizzing Dinosaur Excavation Bone Cleaning Set Up

 Dinosaur Excavation Science And Fine Motor Skills Play Time

This dinosaur excavation activity included tons of skills. The eye droppers and spray bottle provide simple opportunities to practice fine motor skills without emphasizing that we are in fact working on fine motor skills! Anything that fizzes is fabulous around here. He loves the spray bottle and has done an excellent job mastering it with one hand! Tweezers were also provided to carefully remove the “delicate” bones and place them in the “observation” ice cube trays! Being a scientist requires careful work and fine motor skills! That thought seemed to appeal to him.Fizzing Dinosaur Excavation Science Play And Bone Find

It was the perfect size for scrubbing the bones clean of dirt! I set this up and he stayed busy while I worked on dinner. Fizzy Dinosaur Excavation Bone Cleaning with toothbrush

 I love simple dinosaur excavation play especially when we have a fun book to pair with it. Fine motor skills can be found everywhere and are used for most of life’s daily tasks. You can’t beat practicing through play! 

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