I just love the twinkling lights of Christmas and the holiday season. So how about putting together a super simple Christmas light box with a strand of Christmas lights! We used our mini DIY light box for a little color mixing science too with the glow of a simple strand of battery operated lights. Make sure to check in with our 25 Days of Christmas Countdown for easy activities like this one!


Christmas Science Light Box Homemade Light Table for Christmas STEM


I love to put together easy science activities for any theme or holiday during the year. You know those simple activities you can do when you have an afternoon or morning stuck inside and you don’t know what to do! Here is an easy color mixing activity that’s perfect for the holiday season. Our mini Christmas light box with white and colored Christmas lights is perfect for Christmas science and sensory play.

Have you ever noticed that kids love mixing colors? It is so much fun to see what colors you can create by playing with different colors.  Introduce your kids to basic color theory, with simple supplies like water and food coloring. 

What is color mixing? Color mixing is based around the colors, red, yellow and blue.  These colors when mixed create all other colors, and are called the primary colors.  By mixing the primary colors together you get the secondary colors, which are green, orange and violet.  Have fun with color mixing and a mini Christmas light box below!



Cool science on a light box makes learning fun and engages curious kids!


  • Clear Storage Container {clear lid too}
  • Battery Operated Christmas Lights
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Eyedropper


STEP 1. Put the Christmas lights in a clear box, turn them on, and close the lid!

Now you have a super simple light box.

Christmas lights strand for DIY mini homemade light box

STEP 2. For our color mixing science using the light box, I set out small clear cups and one large clear cup for water. Set out food coloring and an eyedropper.


STEP 3. Now just let your kids have fun with color mixing on their new light box! Color mixing science is great for young kids.

Squeeze a few drops on food coloring into a cup and add some drops of water. What color do you have? What happens when you add a drop of another color to the mix? What other colors can you make?

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Using Christmas Science Light Box and Mixing Colors

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Light Box science with color mixing using homemade light box

Eyedroppers are terrific for adding fine motor practice to an activity. Check out more fun ways to develop fine motor skills here.

This Christmas light box and color mixing activity is also great visual sensory play for hands on learning. Learning about the 5 senses is also an excellent science activity for young kids and this one sure does explore the sense of sight!

DIY Light Box Science Table


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