Look no farther than the dollar store for preschool science! Encourage scientific exploration with this super simple to set up science experiment for junior scientists! Your youngest scientist with love observing and examining these grow animals while honing their observational skills through play! Kids love science because it offers a hint of magic to it as well, and we have many simple science activities to encourage a love for learning,

Dollar Store Science Activity: Observing & Examiningdollar store preschool science activity

Why Preschool Science?

Preschoolers are curious creatures. Science experiments, even very simple experiments fuel their curiosity for the world. Learning how to observe, how to talk about what they see, and how to predict what might happen are amazing tools for the future! Experiments increase practical life and fine motor skills not to mention math and literacy skills.

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Watch It Grow! Dollar Store Science

This week we spent some time with a simple $1 grown animal. I set up a very simple invitation to observe, examine, measure and talk about the changes we saw happen. What a simple, fun, and very inexpensive way to encourage curiosity!

Build a dollar store engineering kit!

Supplies Needed:

  • grow animal
  • water
  • tongs
  • ruler
  • paper towels and a small tray (optional)

Invitation To Observe Set-Up:

We set up a small table for observation this week. He was excited to add him to the water and we discussed what might happen. Time to wait and see.

dollar store science invitation to examine and observe


I can’t tell you how many times this little guy was taken in and out of the water. He was measured and examined thoroughly. We used our science tools to make observations and predictions. I didn’t push him to write or draw as he was so excited to do it “his way”. Right now his way is just fine!

dollar store science results of growing animal observing examining

This young age is an amazing time to let him wonder, predict, think, and imagine what is happening and what could happen! I simply want him to enjoy the ideas he is learning and when the time is right, take it a bit further.

This activity could be adapted easily for older children with charts, journals, and graphs. We simply checked in on the grow animal and marveled at his growth.

dollar store science measuring growing animal

We have been working on simple science concepts, repeating similar types of experiments to build knowledge and reinforce learning skills. Young children need simple concepts repeated for greater understanding, so try a few ways and you will be amazed at how much they remember. This will build confidence for new learning experiences and curiosity to try new experiments!


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  1. I love this simple idea! Oftentimes the best experiments are the simplest ones. I tend to psych myself out, thinking I have to make a really big deal out of each and every experiment, when really, simple is always better. And I love that it was cheap, too!

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