Easter baskets don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be filled with candy! My son loves to experiment and try all our new science activities I set up. How about a dollar store science kits Easter basket! If you take a closer look at your local dollar store, you may very well find some cool science ideas! Simple science and STEM experiments are perfect anytime of the year.


Dollar store science kits for Easter science basket ideas and fillers for kids. Fill an Easter basket with simple science experiments from the dollar store that kids will love!

On a recent trip to a dollar store, I found quite a few science and STEM oriented gifts to fill my son’s Easter Basket. $12 worth to be exact for 12 items. This Easter basket will be a hit and provide us with lots of fun activities to try together.

We also have some more fun STEM Easter basket ideas to share with you that don’t come from the dollar store. This basket contains more cool STEM tools to use all year long plus some of our favorite books! Take a look!

STEM Easter basket ideas and fillers for kids Easter baskets. Fill your Easter basket with STEM and science tools that will last the whole year and beyond. Encourage STEM at home and family STEM with a STEM and science themed Easter basket for the kids.


Science activities don’t have to elaborate or expensive. We have had decent luck with our dollar store science kits in the past. Sometimes they don’t work quite like we thought, but that just allows for some great discussions too. Not every science experiment is a success the first time!

You can also put together a DIY Homemade Science Kit!

I was able to pick out a really great variety of science themed activities from our local dollar store, and I have listed them below. Your dollar store is bound to have a few that are similar and few that are different. Take a closer look next time you are in one!

Do you remember those grow animals? That’s actually a pretty cool science activity for younger kids. See how we set up an activity using a grow animal here.

Dollar Store Science with Grow Animals

Or how about water beads, that’s always a fun one for the kids, and it makes for great science too. Both of these cool science ideas came from the dollar store and from our Easter basket!

Easter Basket Dollar Store Science Activities rockets bubbles slime crystals engineering

What’s in Our Science Themed Easter Basket?

I was pretty excited to find all of these neat items at our local dollar store for our Easter basket! We have done quite a few science experiments at home, so make sure you check out our favorite science activities here!

Build a robot engineering kit {we love building robots}

Make a wind up airplane engineering kit

Grow a crystal tree { of course we love our homemade Crystal Easter Eggs too}

Make jelly balls {water beads}

Make fake snow

Dinosaur slime ooze {We also love our homemade slime recipe that we make all the time}

Grow a robot {we did a fun preschool science experiment with these grow packages}

Sticky bubbles {we also love our homemade bubbles and  bouncing bubbles}

Build a straw kit for great water engineering play

Rocket balloons {make a balloon cars too!}

Diving subs {fun chemistry science idea here}

Grow capsules {mini sponges for exploring absorption}

Dollar Store Easter Basket Gift Science Activities for Kids

All of these cool dollar store science items made for quite the packed Easter basket this year! Quick, easy, and inexpensive fun for kids of all ages!

I bet this would also be great for multiple kids in the family to work on together. There is plenty to share and go around! You can easily add a chocolate bunny or two and of course some peeps! Peeps are awesome for science and STEM!

Make an Easter basket packed with simple science ideas!