Easy to set up Easter egg fine motor activities for kids! Make practicing fine motor skills so much more fun by adding a fun holiday theme! This simple Easter fine motor skills activity tray uses super simple supplies you can find around the house and can be set up for same day play.


Easter egg fine motor activities for preschool kids age 3-6. Practice fine motor skills with this easy to set up Easter activity for kids. This fine motor activity tray includes cutting, tracing, punching, coloring, and more!

Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Set Up

Use what you have. Keep it relaxed and simple. Some of the big things we are working on, fine motor skills wise, is line tracing, coloring and scissor cutting!

Throw together some colored paper, colored pencils, scissors and a little creativity for some fun Easter fine motor activities. Our biggest thing is interest level on his part, the less I fuss over the activities, the more he enjoys them!Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Tray

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Colored Paper

Kid Friendly Scissors

Thumb Tack with Styrofoam Tray

Egg Shapes {cookie cutter or hand drawn work!}

Coloring Tools

Baskets or Containers  {optional but looks fun!}

You will notice that we repeat activities from week to week with different themes for the holidays or seasons. It’s all about practice, practice and more practice! Holidays make each activity feel new again. I love to show you what we really do everyday at home!


Preschool age kids love novelty! I like to mix up our activities and present them in a fun way. He enjoys choosing which one to do next. I keep each activity short and sweet, so he enjoys sitting with me at the table.

easter egg fine motor activities set up

Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Scissor Skills

Our fine motor activities tray included two different cutting skills activities. The first as you see below was to cut along the lines to split up the Easter egg. The second was to cut out the Easter egg shape. He did both activities quite well and enjoys using scissors! The second activity he cut to bits after cutting out the shapes.

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Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Scissor

Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Thumb Tack Paper Punching

Trace a shape on a piece of card stock and place on top of a foam tray. We run our meat trays through the dishwasher and save them for all kids of activities or to put paint on for paint trays.

Show you kids how to hold the thumbtack carefully and supervise as necessary. Have them punch holes all around the outline of the shape. Encourage keeping the holes close together. When they are finished, show them what the backside of the paper looks like!

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Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Punching Egg

Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Line Coloring & Tracing

Draw simple egg shapes and designs that your kids can practice tracing and coloring! Plus, they can have fun coloring and designing their own Easter eggs while practicing fine motor skills!

Easter Egg Fine Motor Activities Tracing Lines & Coloring

Practicing fine motor skills can be fun and simple to do anytime! We love simple to set up activities at home using what we have and a little creativity! Check out the super simple activity below for another great Easter fine motor activity

These fun family or classroom Minute To Win It Easter Games are also great for building skills!


We have tons of fun ways to use all those plastic eggs for great Easter activities!


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