These eggs have been a staple for our hands on play activities these past couple weeks! This Easter egg listening game is super easy and quick to put together and perfect for auditory processing skills. Plastic Easter eggs come in so handy this time of year for tons of Easter themed learning ideas.

Easter Egg Listening Game

listening game for kids activity

Hands on play is all around us! Especially for children from birth to age 5! What ever your child can get his hands on to explore and discover is hands on play.

Paint, play dough, sensory bins, mirror play, water play, fort building, nature walks, science experiments and more help your child learn valuable skills. Look around your house, you have it all already, create a fun invitation to play today!

Kids love using their hands to learn, and a simple listening game is perfect for exploring the sense of sound.



Plastic Eggs

Egg Carton

6 Pairs of Sound Making Items

You can use a a standard egg carton and 12 eggs or larger! Make sure to choose six pairs of distinct sounds to put in each pair of the eggs.

You can use things like jingle bells, beads, soft little chicks, buttons, hard plastic animals and erasers! You could also try small rocks or sand. Just put tape over the little hole if you use a fine material like sand!

Easter Egg Listening Game Shaking Eggs

This is a super fun activity for little hands to work on auditory processing and listening closely. It might take some practice, but you can easily make them more challenging too.


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  1. I love the listening game with easter eggs! What a creative idea! My toddler loves music, and listening to different noises! Everytime he hears a song, or even someone humming, he’ll start to dance and sing himself! I think he’d have a blast with this! I also love the easy set up – anything that would only take a few minutes to prep is always a plus!

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