I am loving plastic Easter eggs this time of the year! They are everywhere and so inexpensive. We have a slew of early learning play activities to check out! Make sure to see our Top 10 Easter Activities for all of the best ideas! What will you make first? Try this super simple Easter color matching activity using only eggs and pompoms! Turn color matching and fine motor skills into a festive and novel experience for your kiddos.


Easter Egg Color Matching Fine Motor Game Color Matching Activity

Easter Color Matching Play

Grab some Easter eggs, pompoms or beads, and a pair of kid friendly tongs or chopsticks! These are fun chopsticks for eating and fine motor activities.

We used a tray from our {real} eggs and two containers, one for pom poms and one for the other half of the plastic eggs. Match the color of the pom pom with the corresponding colored Easter egg.

Easter Egg Fine Motor Skills Set Up

Preschool age children love novelty. These plastic Easter Eggs have so many uses for fun activities that help develop fine motor skills. We are getting ready for a strong pencil grasp! Plus we are practicing color matching too!

This easy to set up Easter fine motor activity is perfect for little hands. I love these kid friendly chopsticks while I encourage using the thumb and first two fingers to work!  He thinks capturing the pompoms is exciting play.

If your child is a bit young for fine motor tools have him use his thumb and first finger to pinch the pompoms. Still great Easter fine motor work!

Easter Egg Fine Motor Skills 1

The pompoms were a little tricky to pick up in this Easter fine motor game. He had to take his time to get each one. For some it was best for him to hold the pompom with one hand and use the chopsticks with the other! Patience make this Easter fine motor game great practice.

Easter Egg Fine Motor Skills 2

Additionally, this Easter fine motor activity involved color matching! Not only did he have to concentrate on picking up the pompom, but he also had to drop it in the correct egg. Learning about colors and color recognition with this simple color matching game is a great activity to keep them entertained and engaged.

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Easter Egg Fine Motor Skills Color Match

To finish this Easter egg activity, he simply had to pick the right color egg top and close the egg back up. More great opportunities for color matching and fine motor skills practice!

Easter Egg Fine Motor Skills Egg Halves

Practicing fine motor skills and color matching can be fun and simple to do anytime!

We love simple to set up activities like this Easter fine motor and color matching activity at home, but I bet it would be perfect or school and day care too!

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  1. Thanks Kristina! We strive to buy as little as possible and reuse as much as possible!

  2. Great ideas! My toddler has been enthralled with snow lately (good thing, let him get his fill before it all melts) — so most of our sensory activities have included the white stuff in some form or another 🙂

  3. Easter eggs and pom poms?! Together?! FUN! Both are such happy, simple things to play with on their own and looks like they go great together too! So fun!

  4. What an engaging activity and one which my preschooler will most likely enjoy. Thank you for sharing. Where did you find the container that is holding the Easter eggs?

  5. Thanks! It’s actually how we buy our eggs, 5 dozen at a time. The other containers are from dollar store.

  6. We don’t celebrate Easter at our house but my girls are dye-ing (pun intended) to color eggs. I like this idea better! So cute!

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