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Project: Recycle and Create!


This year, I have joined with a terrific team of bloggers to bring you Project: Recycle & Create! Each month we will be trying out a different recycled material from the recycling bin and showing you a variety of ways to make something old into something new and fun! Our hope is to give you inspiration and motivation to dig deep into your household’s recycling bin and find a new way to use what you have. This is wonderful and educational hands-on play for your child while you learn about recycling and discovering new ideas together! Good Luck! For complete details stop by the main page for Project: Recycle & Create at P is For Preschooler. This moth is Styrofoam, not recyclable but even better upcycle it and keep it out of the landfill!

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You can also link up your favorite ideas for each material at the end of this post!

Here are 2 easy styrofoam activities to try!

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 Easy Styrofoam Activities #1: Hammer, golf tees  and rubber bands!

This was my first idea for our recycled styrofoam activities! However,  I diligently recycled errr  I mean through away the styrofoam I had been saving! Lucky for me, a quick text to my neighbor, a computer fix it guy, produced a few nice pieces of styrofoam. I had Liam get his hammer and I found our golf tees. Along the way I grabbed some rubber bands. Who knows right?

styrofoam golf tee pounding

Hammering away!

styrofoam rubberbands play

Adding rubber bands. He decided that he made a guitar!

Recycled Styrofoam Activities #2: Sink or float with egg trays and gems!

Easy set up! We get eggs by the 5 dozen! So we have these great big egg carton sheets that hold 30 eggs! I cut one into different size segments. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 cup boats or rafts. I also put out a bag full of gems for a sink and float game!

styrofoam sink float activity

Time to float the boats!

styrofoam sink and float play

and then sink them!


We had a lot of fun exploring two different types of styrofoam with these two styrofoam activities. We explored science concepts with sink and float, music appreciation with the lovely sounds of the rubber band “guitar” strings, and practiced fine motor and practical life skills with hammering! There is so much to do with styrofoam and hope you enjoy your own styrofoam activities this month!

Another Great Styrofoam activity or two. Take a look at these!

Simple Valentines Fine Motor Skills

valentine fine motor activity


Please Join us again next month!

March is cardboard rolls (toilet, paper towel rolls) !

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  1. Love the boats idea! And it looks like he made his own geoboard in the first activity. I love when you just leave things out…and see what happens!

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