Say it with an emoji! I was meandering through the craft store the other day, and it hit me! Or rather the giant emoji pillows gave me a great idea! We definitely needed to make emoji slime as soon as possible. I picked up a few packaging jars, made some labels, and whipped up a couple batches of our super simple homemade slime recipe!


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Nothing says happy, silly, or sad like an emoji. Our emoji slime is such a happy slime that it just makes me want to smile and play with it when I see the containers on the counter.

We love making themed slimes for holidays, seasons, favorite characters, or just special occasions! Plus our slime is quick and easy to make and of course fun to play with too.CHECK OUT ALL THE COOL WAYS TO PLAY WITH SLIME!

Which Emoji is your favorite? We have fun printable emoji labels you can download below. If you are still looking for more awesome emoji activities for your kids or tweens, check out Red Ted Art’s easy emoji bookmarks. They look super fun to make.

Simple party favor jars make a great way to store your homemade slime, give it out for party favors, or use for group activities. Additional we have used plastic condiment cups for making slime party favors.

Oh and while you are at it, slime is a great chemistry demonstration. Learn about polymers. Read the science here.


White Elmer’s Washable School Glue

Liquid Starch


Food Coloring

Measuring Cups, Container, and Spoon

Small Jars

Printable Labels {see below}

To get your awesome homemade emoji slime recipe, click here or on the black box just below. Once you have clicked through, scroll down towards the bottom to see step by step instructions and pictures!

I  like to let my slime sit for about 15 mins and then I play with it for another few minutes to get that nice, smooth exterior you see. Homemade slime does start out looking a bit more stringy than you would think {as you can see above}. However, it looks awesome in the end.

Once you have your awesome ball of slime, it’s time to fill the jars or containers! You can easily rip off a piece of slime and push it into the container. Close the lid and add your emoji label!

Click on the black download button below {or the emoji label picture}. I would suggest printing these on glossy thick paper and using 2-way tape to stick them on the jars. You can also printout a color copy and take it to a local copy store. Alternatively, the regular color copy labels work fine too 😉


Click on the photos below for more awesome activities that will really make you happy!


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