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An easy way to create some simple environmental print puzzles and practice scissor skills can be found in your recycling bin.Environmental print puzzles are fun for kids because even if they can not read, they know what they see! Font, logos, symbols, etc are learned easily when seen often. 

Environmental Print Puzzle Box Covers and Lines for Cutting Practice

Keep the kids busy with a simple homemade puzzle activity! Our environmental print puzzles are good for the environment too! Check out your recycling bin for your kid’s favorite boxes. I confess, we didn’t have many. We may have to see what the neighbors have, so we can make more of a variety. Postcards would be fun too. I cut the fronts of the boxes and drew an assortment of lines on the back for him to follow.

Environmental Print Puzzles Are Waiting in the Recycling Bin!

Environmental Print Puzzle Box Covers and Lines for Cutting PracticeHonestly, our favorite kid friendly scissors are from the dollar store. They cut just fine and through a variety of materials. I love to make boxes and trays of interesting materials to practice scissor skills. Make sure to take a look, he loves to cut straws. Every once in a while I try to sneak in some cut on the line types of activities. Our environmental print puzzles are a perfect way to practice cutting on the lines while making a fun project. Cutting paint sample cards is fun too!

Our environmental print puzzles are both fine motor and visual skills building play!

Environmental Print Puzzles Making Homemade Puddles Cutting Along Lines

The older the child, the smaller the pieces, the more lines to cut! Making homemade environmental print puzzles can satisfy multiple ages and everyone can work together. If your child is still too young to use scissors but loves puzzles, cut them up yourself. Even 2-4 pieces would be fun.

Environmental Print Puzzles Putting Pieces Together

He cut up all the boxes and then put them back together. It made for a great rainy day busy activity. When you are done pack up your environmental print puzzles and make a busy box or bag out of them. Add new ones as boxes become available!

Environmental print puzzles are cheap and easy to make. Great rainy day activity!

Environmental Print Puzzles Busy Box

What else could you turn into puzzles? Old calendars, magazine covers, or photos.

Make scissor skills practice fun and painless!

Homemade environmental print puzzles for early learning.

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  1. I sure do love this idea! So many skills rolled up into one: scissors, older children can help draw the lines with a ruler, visual motor, visual perceptual, and FUN! Thanks for sharing! I will do the same!

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