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Why Science?

My son loves our science experiments. He is a high energy, sensory seeking little boy who enjoys highly stimulating activities. Science experiments provide just the right amount of everything for him to become fully engage and interactive with what we are doing together. So far we have done a lot of fun things together including fizzing eyeballs, pumpkin-canos, and indoor tornados and rain clouds!


density tower cover text

Liquid Density Exploration Science for Preschool

We have been enjoying one big book lately The Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature by Stan & Jan Berenstain. This book nicely illustrates simple concepts like density and matter so I thought we would experiment by making density towers.

Density Tower Experiment Simple 3 Layer Model


density tower simple 3 layer

We started with a simple density tower with three layers. These layers were maple syrup, water and cooking oil. We talked a bit about what density meant and which liquids he thought were denser. Sort of a sink and float with liquids! He really liked seeing how everything separated and that oil was the lightest! This was quick and simple with the three layers and perfect for a quick lesson or to get everyone interested in making a bigger density tower!

6 Layer Density Tower

Let’s make it a little bigger and try adding some different liquids!

Materials & Set Up

We used tall vase for this one so it would look more like a tower!I thought it would be fun to drop in some Halloween themed items between the layers to test out a little more sink and float action. For an older child, I would probably measure each liquid into a specific cup for pouring to be as accurate as possible. For attention purposes, Daddy jumped in and helped by estimating amounts and it still worked fine! For this one we used Honey, Maple Syrup, Water, Dish Soap, Oil and Rubbing Alcohol.

density tower large

Honey goes in first. Followed by Maple Syrup, Dish Soap, Water, Oil and lastly the alcohol!

density tower large 2 density tower 3Examining his density tower very closely and commenting on the layers!

density tower 4

It was neat to watch the liquids pour in and then begin to separate into their own level in this density tower. Liam would exclaim that one liquid was lighter than the other so I guess he got a good idea of what we were trying to do! He also liked dropping pumpkins, spiders and eyeballs into the density tower as well.

Now it’s your turn!

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  1. So fun!! I have the Bernstein Bear’s Big Book of Science on our Christmas Wishlist! Hope Santa brings it ; ) We did a similar activity with my oldest the other day. Doing it this way would have been wayyyy easier!

  2. My post isn’t a science experiment, but there was a lot of science fun on our field trip, so I hope that’s ok 🙂 Thank you for hosting this linky!

  3. Love this science experiment~ especially how you tied it in with literature you had read! We have yet to do one on density~ My kids would love it! Thanks so much for linking up to Discover & Explore!

  4. Took a couple tries but it worked! My husband was much more patient than I was and we did a repeat of it since the first tower was a little rough!

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