Exploring & Comparing Scented Dough

Olfactory & Tactile Sensory Cloud Dough!

Exploring scented cloud dough


April is all about Scented Dough! 

I signed on to the 12 months of sensory dough play as a sort of therapy for my son who has a sensory processing disorder diagnosis. He can’t stand for his hands to be messy and often needs to wash them right away if something gets on his hands or spills on his hands. As you can imagine, mud, shaving cream, lotion, finger paint, slime, even bubbles that are too dry and the like are not that appealing to him! I love the idea of messy play experiences and want to introduce him to different types to broaden his experiences and become more comfortable with this type of play. This month we compared two different scented cloud doughs. There was a clear winner!

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Scented Dough Comparison Set Up

I made two buckets of cloud dough which is simply flour and oil, more flour than oil until you get what you like for a consistency. Liam prefers his to be a drier mix but one that can still be packed into a ball and dropped to crumble! I scented one bin with vanilla, a nice sweet smell. Made me think of cookies all day! The other I scented with lemon juice and a real lemon. I do love the smell of a fresh lemon, so refreshing. I added a little bowl to each with half a lemon and a sampling of vanilla so he could do some more testing and comparing with his nose!

Exploring Scented Dough 2 Ways


Vanilla and Lemon Scented Cloud Dough. Complete with cookie cutters and juice squeezer!


Exploring Scented Dough Close Up

Exploring scented dough with what else, the nose! Vanilla won the test. Lemon was not his choice!

Exploring Scented Dough Sniffing Dough

Exploring Scented Dough Play Through Play

Exploring Scented Dough Play


Liam has enjoyed playing with cloud dough on several occasions and is familiar with the texture, so he was willing to dig his hands into the vanilla one. After he juiced the lemon, he was still drawn to play with the vanilla scented cloud dough bin. Me too. I love anything that smells like cookies. He simple enjoyed flattening it, crumbling it, balling it and moving it around with his hands. He usually doesn’t tolerate messy hands but he played with this for close to 10 minutes before wanting to wash his hands.

How will you scent your dough?

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